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Ice Blue (Lord and Lady Hetheridge #1) by Emma Jameson

I really enjoyed this one. I didn't know what to expect but since I loved everything else I've read by Emma - in other pen names (T. Baggins / S.A. Reid) it was only a matter of time before I gave this one a go. It's somewhere between a Mystery and Romantic Suspense novel. There is little to any romance in this one, it's mostly the two MC getting to know one another and building a friendship with each thinking of more but not being sure if and how it could be possible and not only because of age difference and rank. Though I'm not into Mysteries usually this one was interesting and engaging. I had my thoughts about who's the killer and I was right (though I second guessed myself probably the whole book..). But that's the way I enjoy Mysteries really, ones that aren't THAT difficult to solve ;)

Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield has no friends in the force, but it's all right, she has enough on her plate at home, taking care of her mentally retarded brother Ritchie and her 7 years old nephew Henry. At work she needs to handle the annoying Superintendent Jackson but after a heated argument is witnessed by no other than Anthony Hetheridge, the Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard (who is also the ninth Baron of Wellegrave) things change dramatically. Tony takes her off Jackson's grasp into his team with the hilarious Detective Sergeant Bhar. 

Both Tony and Kate are surprised with how well they work together and how much they enjoy each other's company. There's a HUGE difference between the 60 years old Tony and Kate who is almost half his age.. But there are many other differences, none of them matter when they secretly think about one another. I enjoyed getting both of their POVs, with Tony being the one thinking of Kate much more than the other way around, but I guess Kate had enough to handle in this book to even consider dating anyone especially her superior officer.. I enjoyed seeing them get closer together, and had a lot of fun seeing how Bahr mixes in with both of them. All the other side characters, the witnesses/suspects were interesting which made the plot move at an easy yet engaging pace. 

The mystery part of the story, which is actually the main thing here, is the murder of the wealthy Malcolm Comfrey. Malcolm seemed to be loved by, well, no one.. he had enough enemies, question is, who had the motive and the right access to his house to kill him. It's no wonder Tony is assigned to this case considering he is Blue Blood. He's the kind of guy to know how to deal with "these people" yet it all gets complicated when Malcolm's wife turns to be Tony's long ago ex - a very demanding and difficult woman.. and though Tony thought he put his past in it's place a long time ago, meeting Madge again stirs more than just memories.  

I really enjoyed this one and really can't wait to delve into the next and see how Tony and Kate entangle more with one another. Yeah it's a slow burn, but it's the best kind IMO because it feel GENUINELY REAL. Tony and Kate are a great match with everything they DON'T have in common. I think Kate is the best thing to happen to Tony, and I really want to see how Tony takes Kate from her very closed off world in which she is mainly a caregiver, with no one to take care of her. 

My only complaint about this book has more to do with me than the book itself.. The British dialect, the slang and some of the "procedures" were foreign to me. Some I didn't understand completely and some I guessed from content. So if you aren't British or you haven't read these kind of detective mysteries before be advised you might be a little bit lost at times. It was frustrating at the very beginning but with everything going on and the romance on the back burner, I just kept on going enjoying every minute of it!

This book is the first in the series, it's offered at the moment for FREE on all sites. Really recommend you give this one a go. The writing is excellent, the banter is fun and engaging, the romance is there while not being there YET and the mystery just wraps everything together beautifully.    

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2-13 June 2017

Lord and Lady Hetheridge is a Mystery / Romantic Suspense (MF) series by Emma Jameson (who also writes as T. Baggins / S.A. Reid). The series follows Detective Sergeant Kate Wakefield and Chief Superintendent of New Scotland Yard Anthony (Tony) Hetheridge, the 9th Baron of Wellegrave. They couldn't be more surprised with how much they fit together as partners but that's not the only thing out there for them, you'll just need to be patient with them to get there on their own time. The romance is a very small part of the story. It's mostly about the mystery - Blue Blood murders. Detective Sergeant Deepal "Paul" Bahr was Tony's previous (singular) partner, now joined with Kate they form a great team. I love that we get his POV as well - he is HILARIOUS. 

Though this is a mystery series there is still a significant part about Tony and Kate's lives (mostly Kate's family). I really like the feel of this series. It's not JUST mystery as this isn't my "go to" genre, it's not really romance but it's laced with a wonderful couple and I really enjoy their interaction and the progression of their relationship (as a couple but also as "partners" in the police force and later on outside of it as well). Both Kate and Tony in a way stay the same while changing quite a bit - together and on their own. The family and friends add to make it more relatable, especially with each installments getting to see where each one of them are.  

Trying to say this series has it all!

1. Ice Blue (Published 3 March 2011) ½
2. Blue Murder (Published 24 June 2012) 
3. Something Blue (Published 22 May 2012) 
4. Black & Blue (Published 11 May 2015) 
5. Blue Blooded (Published 25 February 2018) ½
6. Blue Christmas (Published 24 December 2019) ½ 

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