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Friday, May 19, 2017

Enemies like You by Joanna Chambers & Annika Martin

This is NOT what I expected this book to be. IMO the sexual tension takes WAY too much space and not only that it changed the way I saw the two characters or rather it made me sort of disconnect from them. They are both playing with fire with their attraction towards each other but mostly it feels somehow immature the way their sexual desire makes them act against their projective which means THE WORLD to both of them, each for his own reasons.

Will is hired by the CIA to kill Sergei Polzin, but it's actually his own personal interest that makes him take this rather suicide mission. See, no one succeeded before.. Polzin was the one who betrayed Will's men resulting in their deaths. Now he is after Polzin and being paid for it means nothing to him. Kit is Polzin's bodyguard but he has his reasons for wanting Polzin dead as well.. but not now. Not yet. Will's timing is NOT the right one which is why he has to stop. But somehow Kit is unable to truly stop him. 

Kit is a chameleon. He is gorgeous in an androgynous way, he plays nicely Polzin's bored and superphysical girlfriend "Kate", so much so that no one has realized who s/he is.. Once Will realizes that though his attraction and what happened between them makes him second guess himself. He keeps the truth to himself, and the fact Kit hasn't killed him is also something he doesn't know how to process. Their attraction was OTT and I'm not saying it in a positive way AT ALL. I didn't like it. Kit was OVER confident in himself and his dominance, and Will was OFF HIS GAME with him at all times, in the sexual sense but also in the practical sense - Kit is MUCH better than him tactically and professionally. Kit is just BETTER in every sense of the way. Even when tied up he laughs and taunts Will and get his way. It was more than absurd it was damn stupid. If Will truly wanted Pulzin dead he should have behaved smarter - meaning thinking with his head and not with his dick..

At first Kit was simply captivating. I liked how clever and cunning he is, and Will was the all-american kind of guy - here to avenge his men, there was something rather sweet about his need to get the revenge for them. Yet with every page turned I came to dislike both. Will was so much LESS than Kit in everything he did and it's not just being a submissive without realizing it, it was everything else as well. Kit was almost perfect in the way he could sense everything, detect everything and be ahead of Will no matter what. Their banter KILLED it for me. Kit's over confidence, Will's utter submission to the guy it was SUCH a turn-off for me. I didn't see the BDSM vibe of the story coming. I've read kinky books before and I do enjoy them occasionally, but I have to be in a certain "mood" for it. This time I wasn't and it didn't work for me because the characters were somehow too stereotypical dom-sub / stronger-weaker. I didn't like that AT ALL. They were SUPPOSE to be equals in this "game", yet they weren't AT ALL. 

I stopped round 43% in. I just couldn't continue. I found I don't like either character at this point, and I wasn't interested in seeing where and how the book continues. I couldn't see Will FAILING again because Kit outsmarted him even while being tied all-over. Maybe I was wrong, but I have a feeling I am right which is why I just couldn't continue. There are many things that were left unresolved for me. Mostly what's Kit's REAL interest in Polzin but I had enough. This is more of an Erotica novel than a Romantic Suspense because the REAL suspense was WAY more sexual than action-based. 

I'm really disappointed. I've loved SO MANY of Joanna's books and this one just didn't work for me. I haven't read anything by Annika before so I didn't know what to expect from her. I truly sad at this point for the way I feel about this book. I wanted it to be so much more than it turned out to be. I still HIGHLY recommend Joanna's books. I've read all of them and they are each beautifully unique. I'll admit the last one was so-so for me and yet true to herself it had a very special concept to it. Check out more by her, you won't be disappointed.   

The authors gifted us the first 8 chapters of this story FOR FREE, as more than just a small sample. If you're not sure about this book you can grab it and see what you think of it. I've reviewed it separately - Enemies with Benefits - A prologue. Now that I've continued on I can say that the dynamics between the two is shown quite well in this prelude, see if it works for you. If it does this will be a favorite for you for sure (I though it will go in a different way somehow). 


DNF 43%
Read on:
15-19 May-2017

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