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Monday, May 15, 2017

Acrobat by Mary Calmes

Though I had another book in mind, I decided to change things up a bit and read another book by Mary. I couldn't leave myself with the feeling of disappointment I had from the last book I've read. Funny enough there are similarities in setting with both having MCs who serve as "muscle" for the mob. Yet the similarities end here. Yet in this one, our sole POV, Nathan Qells, is the kind of guy who doesn't even realize the sweet kid next door he enjoys helping is raised by an uncle who works for the mob. Well, he knows Dreo is raising Michael, but he sees Dreo like no one else could ever see him - harmless (?).

I gotta say, I really enjoyed Michael's character. Yeah he is a teenager but I thought he showed beautifully the connection Nathan forms with so many people, offering his good heart to anyone in need, but mostly it showed that though he and Andreo "Dreo" Fiore can't be considered "close" somehow they are. They are bonded through the friendship Nathan shares with Michael. Nathan is the father figure Michael is missing and Michael is Nathan's way of getting his son back to an age he can "keep him" (now that his son is "all grown up" and lives far away..). 

I really enjoyed Nathan's POV. He is such a sweet and caring guy, a pure heart of gold and he is also naive and innocent though you'd think that at 45 years old he'll be more "realistic". He teaches a subject he loves, his students adore him and really the only thing missing in his life (says his best friend and ex-wife) is finding true love. Nathan isn't even aware that he hasn't really loved anyone before. Thing is his relationships progressed as they did and once he was somehow uncomfortable with where it was going he found his way out. Mel says it only shows she is right - he was never truly in love with someone in a way that left him totally unhinged because if he was he wouldn't be able to walk away as he has in those other relationships.

His life gets complicated when Dreo's boss is killed leaving Dreo in a rare state Nathan has never seen before. It enables him to be there for Dreo (something Dreo wouldn't accept in the past) and so they get closer. Truth being said, for Dreo, Nathan is the one and has been for years, but what can he offer him (and Michael) with his current job? This is why he is planning his way out. Him and Sal his best friend have a business in mind so he can be the man both Michael and Nathan deserve. Dreo kept saying things in Italian to Nathan without him (or me..) understanding what it means.. later on it's explained but I didn't have patience so I just looked all those things up and it was SO worth it, it made me all warm and fuzzy inside :) 

Now that Dreo's boss is dead there are changes in personnel and a treat is being made to Nathan, or is it Michael? It's not really clear which makes Nathan's ex (who is a cop) very anxious about the situation. Nathan feels there is no reason ANYONE would take interest in his boring life so he isn't even worried. Dreo is though.. especially when it's not clear who is targeting the two people he cares most about. 

Little by little, as Dreo and Nathan spend more time together, Nathan starts seeing things he wasn't even aware about Dreo, mainly that he is totally and absolutely YUMMY ;) But also he sees a man he wasn't allowed to see before as Dreo kept a firm mask and attitude Nathan wasn't able to penetrate. But things start to change and it was beautiful seeing these two guys get closer together. Poor Nathan was really worried he's too old for the 28 years old Dreo but I guess with the life he's been living he is anyhow WAY more mature than he should have been. 

I enjoyed the side characters, Michael's girlfriend, Nathan's other love interests (Sean and his ex) and of course Mel and Ben (Nathan's ex-wife and her husband). It was sweet how everybody loved Nathan so much and he wasn't even aware of the impact he has on everyone. It's just his nature - it's so good and shiny no wonder everyone wants a part of him. 

Highly recommended! I LOVE Mary's writing. I'm so glad I took this one and didn't leave myself with a bitter taste. Grab it and read it, it's going to be a fun ride with a bit of action mixed in. 

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