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Sunday, January 8, 2017

First Day Of Forever + Us by Mary Calmes

I'm not sure how to review this short novella. I liked it, the whole idea of it and the fact it was short yet not too short to deliver a solid story, and yet it WAS too short to establish more than a promise of "Forever". 

This short Free Online Read tells us the story of Cameron Mancini and Davis Boone, they have been best friends their whole lives, through the good times and the bad ones. They are both gay, and yet when Cameron told his parents he was gay - they just accepted him as he is, with Davis it was the opposite - they literally threw him out of the house. Cameron thought THIS is the best time for them to be together as a couple as it's obvious how much they care for one another, but Davis was scared. Cameron is the only family he has, he can't lose him in a relationship which can totally break them apart if things didn't work out.. 

This whole short novella is told from Cameron's POV. Davis invites him to San Francisco when he gets a promotion but there is something else on his mind. As the years go by, both now at their mid-thirties, Davis is scared of losing Cameron for real so he has to make a move, a real one so Cameron realizes THIS is what he truly wants - Davis in his arms. 

I liked it but there was something a bit "choppy" about it. Their back and forth was sweet, and at times confusing. They wanted to talk, they wanted to touch, they wanted each other, they live far away and Davis won't come back to their home-town. It was a "broken" conversation the whole while and it was a bit confusing. Yet the story WAS very sweet and though I've known Cam and Davis for a short while I DID wish them a HEA I felt how much they needed to FINALLY have it. 

This short novella as a sort of a continuation (basically one scene), also from Cameron's POV called "Us" (another Free Online Read). It was nice getting more of Cam and Davis and seeing how they can work things out and try and have a future together. It's still just the first day of forever but it feels more manageable. I wish it was a bit more, though like with the previous one, the past was so present in the plot it gave the whole thing a dimension of a longer story. I enjoyed it. Was sweet and endearing. 

All-in-all nice and sweet. A bit "choppy" yet very engaging. I liked both characters but I felt some things were missing, or maybe the resolve was too quick and we don't really get to see even the second day of forever, it's just a nice promise they will find their way now that it's clear neither is giving up on the other.  

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