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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Again by Mary Calmes

NOPE! While this novella started off REALLY nicely, when we actually meet the mysterious Dante who broke Noah's heart 6 years ago and disappeared from his life I was NOT impressed. I mean, I hoped, and was rewarded with a better story than a simple misunderstanding, I could have accepted the strange situation that broke them apart, but I couldn't stand the way Dante behaved. I know some people like the alpha aggressive possessive type but while I can be annoyed and still accept it in some scenarios, here it just didn't work for me AT ALL. It's not just Noah and Dante anymore, there's a 5 years old kid, who didn't know a thing about Dante though he is her actual father. Noah have been raising her like his own because he couldn't even get in touch with Dante to let him know he is a father.. 

Now that Dante knows about Grace he wants both of them. That's totally understood, I just don't think he truly understand what stability means to a child, or how NOT to toy with a kids' feelings.. Manhandling Noah is one thing, manhandling the both of them to do his bidding - WRONG. 

This is a short novella so I don't want to say too much though I have a feeling I already did. I liked Noah though I thought he was too weak around Dante, too accepting of Dante's dominance over his life (and I'm NOT talking just about sex). Dante was HORRIBLE, he is frankly one of the worst MCs I've read in a LONG time. I hate him with a passion! He was childishly possessive. I won't say more not to spoiler but I will say I hated his behaviour not only towards Noah and Grace. I"m not sure how I can recommend this short novella because it didn't even end in a way I could HOPE for a reasonable Noah and a more compliant Dante who realizes OTHER people's life and the way they live it matter MORE than himself. 

Yet I'm not dissing this book totally because as always, I enjoyed Mary's writing, I DID like Noah (our sole POV), and really, Grace was the cutest thing (even if kids aren't my "thing" usually, she had a really nice part). I also liked the explanation to their breakup. I think Dante could have done more, but I also get why he didn't. My ONLY complaint about this story is - as you can more than guess - Dante. He might be the sexiest man alive, but he had NO appeal in the way he was behaving. sorry..  

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