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Saturday, September 10, 2016

An End & A New Beginning

I've been away from this blog and generally from reading the past month. I don't even know what was happening before last week.. it's all a blur at the moment...

Last week, on the 1st of September I lost my precious Eric. He was 7 years old Blue Great Dane, happy, full of life and energy and yet, something deep inside of him wasn't okay and so in minutes he was gone and I was left broken hearted. 

Eric was born at my house, in my arms. I used to call him - "my happiness", and that he was. We had an amazing connection. We understood each other, we accepted one another with our flaws and difficulties. Losing him was so hard. 

The previous Thursday I had him cremated and now he sits peacefully in my room and it almost helps, feeling as if he is physically here somehow. 

This photo is SO us, it was taken a few years back, and it shows how silly we were together. This is his with his handler in a dog show, when he was about to get his prize I came to take a photo with them.. well, it didn't work as I thought it would.. ;) 

I find it so hard to concentrate these days, not only concerning my reading but generally, I laugh at myself having the memory of Dori (from Finding Nemo), a moment it's there, a moment later I don't even know what I was thinking or doing.. So that's how life is for me right now. 

I had my plans for another female Blue Great Dane, I was thinking of breeding him before it was too late and he was too old to reproduce.. so I was actually waiting for a puppy from him when he suddenly died.  Less than a week after his death my hope was broken when we found out his "bride" wasn't carrying any pups in her belly. I was heart broken. It was something I wanted before he died, but after, it felt as if I could have a piece of him with me and then the hope shuttered. 

Lucky for me, there was one beautiful puppy left in a litter of my friends and so that same day I was so heart broken about not being able to ever having a piece of Eric with me, I got the sweet and beautiful "Fortune in Cerulean" (in short - Lin). She might look like him as most Blue Great Danes look alike but they are SO different and I kinda like that. It'a a challenge for sure! She is a handful! But she is such a sweety, it's impossible not to be lolled by her charm. She is smart and mischievous, full of life and character. 

I gotta say, at the moment Nicki, my female Whippet isn't very impressed by her.. She and Eric were such a couple, they completed one another. I'm sure it's a matter of time, it's a bit early for her as well to "replace" her big brother. They'll be besties in no time! As it worked beautifully for her and Eric before.

That's the three of us, me reading, Eric and Nicki sleeping peacefully by my side. 
In those (not rare at all) moments I couldn't have asked for more. 

I hope I'll get back to my life and my reading soon, but i'm not counting on it considering I have a new 2 ½ months pup in my house, needing a LOT of attention. 

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