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Friday, September 30, 2016

September 2016 Goals & Recap (in one..)

Though I basically didn't plan a lot for this month due to the fact I STILL haven't finished  last month's reading (the "Bluewater Bay" series) this month started with a huge heart break. My beloved Eric died. I couldn't concentrate enough to read and when I finished a book (only twice this month) I found myself crying because he always used to KNOW I finished a book and not just closing the kindle because I wanted to - go to the bathroom / look something up on my phone / go to sleep.. I used to think it was a special sigh I made for a fulfilling end but I'm still not sure. 

Besides that I brought home a new puppy, she wasn't exactly planned, or at least not for NOW. She is the sweetest, really, but waking up early or in the middle of the night for her, sleeping light to hear what's going on with her, all of that, on top of losing him made me literally incapable of concentrating on a book. Not to mention I have two essays to write in two different courses I recently finished. These took A LOT of my energy as well.. 

So what I was left with really? two books.. 
A Contemporary Romance novel of friends to novel which was EXACTLY what I needed, a light read, beautiful, sweet, lovable and yet realistic MC. Highly Recommended! 
I gotta say I LOVED reading Christina's NA novels but the previous CR I read wasn't exactly "it" for me, THIS one gave me everything I wanted it to be <3
Usually I'm a BIG fan of Garrett's book, they are angsty and always have a morbid vibe to them but they are worth the torture FOR SURE. This one was a nice read, but too depressing I think. I mean, l liked it, I enjoyed it, but I'm not such a fan of the "Pretty Woman" story-line, also I think the connection was building too quickly for my liking. 

 ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥

The beginning of next month I have an essay to write but since it's the New Year here, at least I'll have the days off to write it. After that I have a WHOLE MONTH OFF (from studying) and my next course will be self awareness course I'm really excited about. Hope it means I'll be getting back to myself and to reading more. Truly I feel I NEED my reading, it gives me a sort of piece of mind I'm lacking the past two months.  

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Rented Heart (Rented Heart, #1) [Zac & Liam] by Garrett Leigh

I liked this book but can't say I loved it. I enjoyed the writing as I always do with Garrett's books but the total vibe of the book was too, mmm, well, sad? depressing? Also though I could feel the connection between the two characters I think they connected too quickly and too much on the basis of "acceptance" and "loneliness" and less because it was Liam and Zac if it makes any sense.. 

Liam recently lost his husband whom he loved dearly. He left him the business they founded together but doing his ex's work doesn't fill him with accomplishment it just leaves him sad and lonely. Meeting by chance Zac - the rent boy - brings him a night he is not as lonely as he was before. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Twelve Truths and a Lie by Christina Lee

It's been a while since I had the time to just sit and relax with a great book. So when I knew I have a sort of a weekend "off" I intended to do exactly that. I'm so happy I chose this one :) It was exactly what I needed. This story was HOT as hell and the story itself, the characters were a JOY to read. I loved both MC, there was something so real about them and they TOTALLY deserved one another. 

Cameron Miller and Aurora Jones met through mutual friends. It didn't seem as though there could be anything going on between the two considering Aurora isn't the kind of girl to fool around and she isn't dating ANYONE this year due to bad boyfriend decisions and Cameron isn't doing any one-night-stands for half a year and relationship? he had one of those and it didn't end well to say the least. 

Saturday, September 10, 2016

An End & A New Beginning

I've been away from this blog and generally from reading the past month. I don't even know what was happening before last week.. it's all a blur at the moment...

Last week, on the 1st of September I lost my precious Eric. He was 7 years old Blue Great Dane, happy, full of life and energy and yet, something deep inside of him wasn't okay and so in minutes he was gone and I was left broken hearted. 

Eric was born at my house, in my arms. I used to call him - "my happiness", and that he was. We had an amazing connection. We understood each other, we accepted one another with our flaws and difficulties. Losing him was so hard. 

The previous Thursday I had him cremated and now he sits peacefully in my room and it almost helps, feeling as if he is physically here somehow. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Burnt Toast B&B (Bluewater Bay #5) [Ginsberg & Derrick] By Heidi Belleau & Rachel Haimowitz

When I started this one I really enjoyed it, I could see how fun this one would be even from the synopsis yet something somehow went wrong for me. I think it was too slow to develop or maybe too much of an inner dialogue, one I would almost predict for each of them. The story was sweet, I enjoyed seeing Derrick change and grow as a person, enabling to become more accepting of himself and through that accepting of others. I liked the fact Ginsberg was a trans, it added more dimension to the story, to Ginsberg insecurities or rather his lack of patience to anyone who can't accept him for who he is and how he is. Strangely enough, Derrick didn't mind that much he was actually wonderful about it,  it was everything else he was a jerk about..