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Saturday, July 16, 2016

What Remains by Garrett Leigh

Another amazing and mostly HEART BREAKING read by Garrett. This was one hell of a ride. As usual I don't really read the synopsis of Garrett's books. I know I want them, I know I'll love them and so there is little sense in doing anything but pre-ordering and reading them as soon as I'm able. This was no different, well, except for being too busy to read :( I read this one in two days, started, realized this book is complicated than I anticipated then had the most hectic week I haven't read a page, then when Saturday FINALLY arrived I sat till I finish with eating breaks only :)

In one word - phenomenal. Jodi and Rupert's love story was beautiful, but mostly crushing with how life, or rather GARRETT, stood in the way to their happiness. 

We start this story in a past to present kind of a deal, we get to know a little of Jodi Peters and Rupert O'Neal as a formed couple, living together for the past 4 years. When they met up 4 years ago, Rupert was recently divorced (with a little kid), only now realizing he is gay, and Jodi being openly bi, still in a very close (platonic) relationship with his ex-girlfriend Sophie whom he will always love dearly. Rupert had his exploring to do, and Jodi was giving him the time he needed, not only because he was patient but also because he genuinely enjoyed their friendship and so didn't want to "ruin it" with sex that could end everything between them. We jump back and forth from the beginning to the present which is truly devastating - Jodi was in a car accident and is now lying unconscious in the hospital, with no one knowing how the story will end considering his massive head injury. 

The flashbacks of past to present continue about third way through the book when Jodi finally wakes up. Up until there, the story is sweet and sad at the same time. I loved getting to know the two of them as they got to explore each other. Though they couldn't be more different - Jodi being a web designer and Rupert being a fire-fighter, coming from different backgrounds and living life differently. Yet they click right from the beginning. When Jodi wakes up that's when the heart breaking and soul crushing part starts. Through the sadness somehow there is so much HOPE, without it, I'm not sure how I would manage Rupert and Jodi's exploration of themselves. 

Jodi wakes up barely remembering who he is, stuck 5 years prior when he and Sophie were still a couple. He has NO memory of Rupert and while Rupert's heart is breaking apart, and though caring for a man who doesn't remember him while managing his job and trying to handle it all is almost impossible, he somehow does it all, without ever giving up, even if in his heart there is a sort of surrender that things will never be as they were. Jodi might never remember him and be with him again as they used to be. Jodi will always be the love of Rupert's life, but will he still be his? Though it never discourages him from caring for Jodi and being there for him as much as he can even if he can't truly express his feeling for him (not wanting to freak him out).

That's were I'll end my review because I don't want to say more and spoiler anything. This book was SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL I have no words, it's a MUST READ. I can't express it enough. Rupert and Jodi's love story and mostly them finding each other and getting to relearn who they are separately and together was a ride worth taking even with the crushing pain it caused. 

Garrett's books are always a treat but they always deal with "difficult stuff". I LOVE that about her books, there is always another layer to the story, the heroes are not utterly perfect and love isn't just about pink hearts and purple butterflies it's life and reality which are not always how we want things to play but they always bring us back full circle to a HEA. Frankly, I recommend them ALL! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 283 pages, 7+16 July 2016 / On GoodReads

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