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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Surviving the Change by Cari Z.

You know how I keep complaining about the whole "alpha" role in shape shifters/were wolves novels and how much I hate it? Well, not only this short novella was SUPERB it also had a totally different take on the "Alpha"'s concept. Frankly, it escaped me until it was pointed out to me "LOOKY HERE!". I totally missed the signs. LOVED it. I know I'm being vague, but I really don't want to spoiler anything in this one. 

This story takes place in a world in which other species are known to men, but they don't mix seamlessly. They sometimes have different laws and they tend to stick to themselves. Blythe works in a pub owned by a vampire which caters to shifters. He AND the vampire aren't fond of shifters but they both swallow the bitter pill to be able to pay the bills.. 

Dan is a lone gay shifter. Though shifters accept gay couples into their packs, they have a problem with the unmated ones (because they can sense the emotions and attraction from them) but since Dan hasn't found anyone he drifts around, visiting, never for too long. In this town he is a close friend with the Alpha of one of the packs, but though his friend cares for him, he knows he can't accept him into the pack without him being mated. 

Dan and Blythe meet in the pub Blythe works in. Dan becomes very interested in Blythe but because he can sense his general dislike of shifters and because he truly wants Blythe to WANT him, he takes his time. It was so sweet to see how much effort Dan put into the buildup of his relationship with Blythe. Getting to know him, giving him time to trust him, and trying not to push him into something he will surely reject (like offering him to be his mate..). Though Dan sees small signs of Blythe succumbing to his interest in Dan it takes a heroic did on Dan's side before Blythe can put aside his fears, but even that isn't enough when Blythe's past engulfs him. 

I loved both Blythe and Dan. We got both of their POVs and so it was interesting seeing how they got closer to one another. I liked the world building in this one, there wasn't a lot of it, but what we did have, and the way it didn't interfere with the story and allowed us to get a realistic romance paranormal story in less than 100 pages. 

Another great read by Cari. I have a few more by her for this month but the rest I haven't scheduled yet (to be corrected ;)). There is no doubt in my mind I'll love them all.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 86 pages, 10 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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