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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Willing Victim (Flynn and Laurel #1) by Cara McKenna

I'll admit I sort of read this novella as an "experiment". I love Cara's writing and I do occasionally like to read things that take me out of my comfort zone. This one was something like that. I knew it's going to be more than just an Erotica novella, with the MC's kinks including "rape-play". 

I liked it more than I thought I will. I honestly thought that the sex would be "too much" for me, and I would rate this book low and say it's my personal "problem" not being able to "handle" reading something like that. I was more than surprised just how interesting this novella was! Both characters were complex and had more than just the rough sex. Yeah it took a huge part of the book, but it was also a very interesting glimpse into something that just thinking about it repulses me. Yet it wasn't "that bad", I mean, I still don't "get it" on a personal level, and I know I never will, but somehow it did kinda made sense considering the MC, it worked for THEM. Somehow a bit like my reaction to  "Unbound" also by Cara (even though it IS totally different). 

Laurel meets Flynn literally on the street and I have to hand it to her for making the first move! Yet Flynn isn't that impressed, so to "scare her off" he invited her to a boxing club he fights in. Lucky for the both of them she isn't repulsed, she is intrigued, especially when she hears what Flynn is in to, and after watching more than a fight in the ring she decides she WANTS him, kinks included. 

Since this one is quite short and there is an emphasis on the sexual part, the plot is mostly of them getting together and what happens between them during and before/after and VERY little of their daily lives. Yet there is an actual character development, and a real buildup of a relationship even though Lauren can't see it up until the very end. She craves for more in her heart, but she can't believe Flynn would want more than the casual sex.  Yet, Flynn is a lot more than he seems.. I wonder how it would have been like if we got his POV (we only had Lauren's) though I don't think it was something we actually NEEDED. 

The reason I'm not giving this book a 5 star rating has to do with the ending and the conclusion mostly on Laurel's side, she REALLY disappointed me. I saw her as "kick ass". Even though she shows a very submissive side it doesn't define her AT ALL. I wanted and frankly expected her to be more "brave". 

I'm not sure if I recommend this one and if I do to whom exactly. It's not for the faint heart that's for sure but it was an interesting read if you think you can handle this kind of kink.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 132 pages, 13-14 August 2015 / On GoodReads

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