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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Unbound by Cara McKenna

What a beautiful beautiful ride. I didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I did. I LOVED the character development of both MC. Merry was so empowering! truly an inspiration the way she decided to change her life and do the things she always wanted. I loved how she was able to accept Rob and generally her compassion and understanding. Rob was SUCH a sweetheart. I ached for the life he lived and the hard choices he made in order to exist without being a pain to people in general. The journey both went through, together but also, quite a lot on their own, was a JOY to read. Yes, this is Erotica, there is kinky sex yet it's not the center of the story and frankly I don't think we encounter the first kiss in the first quarter of the book. 

After writing all that, what can I say more without spoilering? Let's talk setting, I'm half resigned to leave my life behind and go backpacking in Scotland! Too bad I just scheduled to move to another apartment in less than a week hehe
Merry's mother died a year ago. In this year she lost a lot of weight and now she is about to trek through Scotland to the place her mother grew up in. She plans to backpack for 3 weeks and somehow find enlightenment and peace with herself during the journey. What she didn't expect (though fantasied a bit about;)) was finding a guy leaving in a far off cabin and finding the sort of companionship she never truly believe she could have. 

Rob have been living in his secluded cabin for the past 2 years. He has his reasons to leave society behind, mostly not wanting to harm others and living this way - without electricity or indoor bath, hunting for food and having only the company of a deaf dog, is all he can ask for. Then comes Merry knocking at his door and the rest is history.. He wanted to ignore her, he wanted her to leave, he didn't want to help her, he wanted to be left alone, but somehow Merry being her sweet chatty self brought into his life something he didn't think he'll ever miss yet he does. Rob has his secrets, they are buried deep inside yet somehow Merry sees right through him and not only that she doesn't JUDGE him. She just accepts him as he is (he does the same with her which was beautiful, both being able to just BE and not think about who they WERE). 

It's truly the sweetest love story (with the kink, this IS Erotica after all ;)). While I'm usually not that into that specific "kink" (I don't want to spoiler and say more about it..) I really enjoyed how the focus wasn't just about the sex, but somehow the "psychology" of it, their personality and what they went through in life and how it worked together made sense of it all in a way I could understand and appreciate the special bond they built together. The sex and the way it was "played" didn't feel in any way forced, it felt right for the both of them.

Also, one more thing before I lay this beautiful story to sleep - I really appreciated the way things worked out in the end. It wasn't rushed, or unbelievable. The timing was right, the journey wasn't over yet it was somehow resolved realistically. 

Highly recommended! Even if you are not usually into Erotica. For me it was Contemporary Romance with a bit more pronounced emphasis on sex.


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 294 pages, 24-26 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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