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Friday, July 10, 2015

Going Up by Amy Lane

Another short sweet novella. I can't get enough of those. Short yet has it all, character development, romance, sexy times and two sweet guys wishing and hoping to find their HEA with one another. 

The story is told from Zach Driscoll's POV. He is a lawyer, having his own company yet he is still someone "owned" by his conservative parents. He lives in an apartment building owned by his parents and the building his company occupy as well, not to mention all the bonuses his employers get for being a part of the bigger Driscoll name. He plays the game they expect him to, yet he is so terribly lonely. Having almost no friends (aside from his employees) and no social life to speak of. Though he knows and accepts himself for being gay he isn't strong enough to come out to his parents not knowing what their reaction is going to be (horrible, question is just HOW horrible..) 

When the express elevator to his penthouse apartment isn't working he is forced to use the "regular" one making his stumble into Sean, well, actually it's the other way around! Sean rushes into the elevator and almost falls on top of Zach. From there they start a sort of a "dance" where they keep meeting and small talking in the elevator whenever they meet (which is more often than not when they realize each others schedule). Sean is everything Zack isn't carefree, fun to be around, he works at what he can find his hands on, substituting teaching (including flamboyant costumes to "lure" the kids) and living with 5 (!) other roommates in a smallish apartment on the 14th floor. 

I loved the whole idea of this novella and really enjoyed how it played out. Again we have so very human characters. Flawed like we all are, not perfect looking, and not always successful, dealing with daily life struggles. Though Zach isn't the virgin Kit was (talking about "Christmas with Danny Fit" I recently read) yet he is still very inexperienced when it comes to interaction / a relationship yet like Kit he is very much interested in having one so just a little "nudge" is all it takes from the his lover to get there. I loved that there is a double theme here, the idea about the elevator ride and their interaction on the ride and nothing besides that (in the beginning) and also the "prince in the tower" wanted to be rescued. 

This short novella mentioned two characters I've already read of in "Raising the Stakes" - Quentin and Jace. These two also have a book of their own (full length) called "Gambling Men" I have it on my list by I'm still contemplating it since I didn't really like they in the short glimpse I got from them before. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 74 pages, 10 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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