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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do-over by Amy Lane

This was a very sweet short novella. Engall has a crush on Chandler his science partner but him being so plain looking and Chandler being so gorgeous makes him reluctant to even try, not to mention he is still contemplating his sexual orientation. Finding the guts to go to a party at Chandler's and confessing how he feels doesn't really work. Why not? because he keeps getting killed! Lucky for him Dagiel the Angel keep giving him a Do-Over so he can get his Happily Ever After but the conclusion it different from what Dagiel had in mind, it's not just Engall how needed to accept himself and how Chandler have been feeling toward him.

I read this one on my lunch break and found myself Laughing Out Loud with Engall and Dagiel and just how much they both wanted everything to work out. Engall was such a sweet heart. I also enjoyed the glimpse into his parents - well, actually the hilarious phone call he had with his dad. Chandler was also cute from the little we got from his POV.

I have to quote just one thing that slayed me [ a conversation between Engall and his best friend, also his roommate concerning him being gay ]

" You Knew? Christina Shrugged. "I don't walk around in my underwear in front of straight men, sweetheart. Consider it sort of an acid test".
Engall nodded. "I hadn't noticed."
"And that's how you failed the test. "

Sweet as gummy bears and funny as cartoons! Yep, recommended! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 36 pages, 6 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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