Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Misfits (Urban Soul, #1) [Tom & Cass & Jake] by Garrett Leigh

This was was such a beautiful sensitive love story. I must admit, I"m not usually into menage, even though I had another menage mini-series this month (Shivaree by Cara McKenna). I'm usually annoyed by the fact that most feel as though the plot is a side excuse for endless sex scenes. It's so NOT the case here. Even though it was hard for me to understand at certain points, in the end I got what brought the three of them and what made them so perfect together. 

When the story begins we start from Tom's POV. He is in an open relationship with Cass for the past ten years. But though they are together for all this time they spend most of their time apart. Cass living in an apartment above the restaurant he is the owner (as well as the chef), Tom managing the other businesses they own together (in the food industry) lives in a different apartment and they only share a home together once a week on Mondays or as they call it Manday Monday - I loved that! :) It doesn't really make any sense them being apart while being so utterly in love with each other but somehow the past keeps them apart and not together. We find out more about it near the ending of the book. I still don't really get it, get Cass I mean, and yet when the book concluded it worked out so it doesn't really matter. I got Cass and Tom and why they worked even if some of the time they didn't really work out or it felt as something unknown is keeping them from truly being together. 

They Tom meets Jake and though he doesn't really admit it in the beginning he utterly falls in love with him. This is another relationship that really made sense to me. I could see what Jake sees in Tom and also see what Tom found in Jake, the only real problem was that Cass WASN'T in the middle. Tom wanted Cass to like and accept Jake, but Jake was too confused by their relationship and expected Cass to blow up on the fact that there is something going on between him and Tom. Yet as Cass and Jake form a texting friendship (at first) it starts to make sense again. Another couple is formed - Cass and Jake and it also makes the most sense. So when you combine all three of those together it's just the sweetest thing ever. 

It felt like Jake was the glue holding Cass and Tom together, helping them both put the past behind them. But when you think about Jake and how much Tom and Cass both together and apart mean to him and how much they made him happier and more content in life, of himself, how much he grew up in the year since he and Tom met - it's all just so damn beautiful. 

The story is about them. The three of them. Starts as I wrote above from Tom's POV, continue for a short while to be from Jake's POV then returns to Tom's only in the Epilogue do we finally get to hear Cass who shows us how well the three of them work together. There wasn't any real drama outside the three of them, maybe a little bit in the end of Cass's past, mainly it was about the three of them building the relationship between each other (as "three couples") and as a threesome - truly loving each other and see their future together, all three of them. 

One thing that needs to be mentioned - Jake has Tourette. I haven't read ANYWHERE of a character with Tourette before, surly not as a main character. Garrett enjoys bringing us characters that are somehow "flawed" or maybe I should just say they are simply human. They are not perfect and they could be me or you and certainly someone who had a rougher time than you and I had (put together times a 100). Jake's Tourette was handled beautifully, it wasn't "over used" it felt natural. Both Cass and Tom accepted Jake as he was, and learned how to help him and ease him which is another thing that made this book so beautiful and I don't even care that I keep saying beautiful, beautiful, beautiful all the god damn time because this is the exact word for this book. 

Final note! I promise! 
When I wrote my review of Heart also by Garrett, I somehow forgot to mention the fact that there was entirely too many recipes and food preparations for my hungry stomach! This was no different, do be advised to try and eat BEFORE you sit down to read. Though if you are like me and read for more than three hours, have food at the ready ;)

Yep, recommended as all Garrett's books are. Well, I haven't read ALL of them, but I'm doing my best to get to all of them ASAP - off to start reading the next one :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 277 pages, 22-25 March 2015 / On GoodReads

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