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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street #1) by Samantha Young

What a disappointment :/ there is SUCH a hype around this one I should have KNOWN not to even consider it as I'm can never really agree with anything mainstream.. So I"m saying, it's me, not the book. I got to 42% and realized that if I'm trying to convince myself to "bear it down" for another 3 and a half hours because it MIGHT get better - meaning - it won't get THAT better and I should just give it a rest already.. 

It's hard for me to even try to explain what I'm so pissy about. I think I just don't "get" the whole story and what the main characters see in one another. Jocelyn "Joss" Butler lost a lot of people in her rather short life. So when she comes to Dublin street and meets her new housemate Ellie she expects to get along and not a lot more than that. She wants to have human connections mainly so she can get more details about "life" in general so she could be a better writer. But the easy going Ellie somehow becomes a friend and what's worse is she has this amazing looking brother who can't keep his wandering eyes of her. Braden Carmichael wants Joss and he isn't willing to take no for an answer, he is even willing to act jealous and make a scene when Joss acts out with a guy in front of him even if he hasn't even kissed her yet. Let's just say it galls, okay? Braden is an asshole. He might care about Joss, yeah, he might, but he is this rooster that is SO into himself I find it hard to believe he can really be interested in Joss for the RIGHT reasons.. Also he is too controlling for me to even LIKE him. I can't stand his face or any other part of him. Not even his broad shoulders. 

Joss have no desire to have a relationship with Braden. ANY relationship even though she is crazy attracted to him. When I say crazy, I mean it. I don't think a woman can actually have the bodily reactions she is having toward him which makes it just well, preposterous. Not to mention for a woman, a grown woman, not a teenager, to be THAT lustful over nothing doesn't sound very real. I don't think women actually wet their panties when they see a hot guy crossing over the street as I don't think guys actually drool when they see a sexy woman wearing a skirt. I've seen my Great Dane literally drooling waterfalls over a ripe apple but he is a DOG reacting to FOOD. Yeah we humans get excited, yeah there are bodily reactions going on, but not THAT much, it's just plain stupid and unrealistic. 

So yeah, I'm not buying this one, not the uber attraction, not Joss's behavior, not Braden (with his stupid name) in any form. I had a total turn off from him in his second sentence and while I tried to like him, it just won't work between us. I guess it WOULD work for him with Joss after a while. After all, she can't keep her eyes, lips, tongue or feet off him..

I also felt there was something "wrong" with the timing of the meetings Joss had with her therapist. I"m not sure why it's done that way but the timing of the meeting isn't placed right. Meaning something happens late at night, there's the meeting, then morning after whatever happens and she reflects. It's obvious the meeting with the therapist took place in some other time so it's just confusing. 

So well, that's it for me with this series. While I'm interested in what's going to happen with Ellie and Adam (Braden's best friend and Ellie's love interest for quite a while) I won't be bothered to read the short novella. If Adam is anything like Braden (and I have a strong feeling he IS!) I'm just not interested. I'm sorry while other woman might enjoy jealous and controlling men they mostly tire me (when I don't feel like punching them in the face).

Sorry for the annoyed review, but I have been killing myself to keep on reading and as it turns out, it just makes me angry and as I try to write my review I only get angrier! Well, enough said, I'm going to work out a bit (or a lot) hope I'll calm down by the time I return home. 

There are a few more books int he series, there are at least 5 full novels and a few short novellas but I"m not going to read them so I"m not making a series page or anything like it. 

  (DNF 42%) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 372 pages, 3-4 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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