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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Collateral by Aleksandr Voinov (Vashtan) & Gileonnen

Generally I'm the most "distracted" and "self centered" person I know. I don't know anything about anything unless it's totally useless information. I don't read newspapers, I don't listen to the radio and I don't watch TV. My friends usually see that I know what's important.. 
It's the same with movies. My friends are expected to send me trailers to whatever it is they want us to watch together (or promise it's really good and I'll like it - they know me after all and it's not THAT important for me to know in advance what's the movie about). 
So when a friend suggested we watch the 3rd installment of Iron-man I told her I haven't even seen the first two.. (who was this Tony guy anyway?!). Her answer was - Then watch them! you have until the weekend - we're going! 
I actually got them the same day but totally forgot to watch them till the day we were suppose to go so I watched all three one after the other!!! The first two at home, then got ready and went to the theater with her to watch the third one. 
Conclusion - I LOVED IT! love Tony Stark, love the Iron-Man, love Robert Downey Jr as the Iron-Man, love Pepper and Gwyenth Paltrow as her. Yeah. It was totally AWESOME!  
So naturally, kinda worked for me trying this one out. Especially since it's Aleksandr Voinov and since this year I'm on a "mission" of reading most (maybe even all!) of his books. 

What I'm trying to say here is I did my best to try and love it, or even like it, be interested in what's going on but I felt lost in the plot - so sadly it's a DNF at 36%. I liked Tony, not so much The Destroyer.. (aka Frank Castle) He felt too old fashioned or maybe "old" (being well muscled isn't enough for me..) the way he handled or rather didn't handle the world around him, mostly technology, it was too much an opposite to how smart and capable Tony is. 

But really, what annoyed me that 36% into the book and really NOTHING happened. This is Romantic Suspense - I expected a lot of action, things happening blowing up, people getting killed or whatever, especially as these ARE characters based on Marvel cartoons.. Instead we got up and personal with Tony and Frank - see how they first meet and interact, fighting, having sex yet I didn't get what the attraction was about between them or what really the main interest for both of them was. It felt like Frank was mostly into Tony's "toys" and Tony interested in Frank's "experience" as a vigilante?! (as in this novel Tony is new as the Iron Man) - that might get them to be work associates not romantically involved.. 

What made me drop the novel was when Tony started "fooling around" with an FBI agent. I didn't understand how it has anything to do with the plot. It felt like we are just getting another sex scene instead of getting more plot. Wait, what plot? besides what's going on between Frank and Tony up until now the "villains" were mostly ignored. They didn't have any appearances and Frank and Tony don't seem that bothered with them expect for a few "side" kills that weren't even detailed for more than a sentence. 

I'm REALLY disappointed. I expected a nice, easy going, fun read but ended up fighting with every page and finally realizing that there was no point in continuing.. :( 

This novel is a free fanfic which can be downloaded from Aleksandr's website.

 (DNF 36%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 343 pages, 24-27 January 2015 / On GoodReads

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