Friday, October 17, 2014

Caught on Camera by Meg Maguire

This was a really nice read! I was on vocation for the past three days, and though I didn't get to read THAT much I'm happy I decided to read this one even though I originally didn't plan on reading it this month but since I've been reading like crazy I added this one and a few others to my October reading list. I started reading all of Meg's novels a while ago and actually I only have one left - Trespass - which I will be reading next month. 

I really like that every book by Meg brings us something quite different than the usual romance setting-wise. I guess we've read it all when it comes to the romance itself but plot wise and setting wise there's more room to being versatile. In this one Kate Somersby is the Personal Assistant of Dominic Tyler (Ty) who is the main and only character in a survival TV show. Kate is not only his PA she is right about everything - except his lover. The both of them go to exotic places all around the world to film survival tips and tricks and in general how to survive in the wild. 

On their last trip for the 3rd season's finale they travel to an icy terrain and need to pull off real survival skills when a blizzard strikes and they are stuck in the wilderness. While being stuck together things start to change between the both of them, especially after Ty freaks out when Kate is hurt. While the both of them realize that their true feelings for each other can't be ignored anymore and they have been more than just "best friends" for a long while now (even if nothing physical ever happened between them). Also Kate has to deal with the fact that Ty doesn't want Kate to keep her job and risking her life beside him. A lot of old truth are being revealed explaining both Ty's state of mind as well as Kate's. While we didn't get a real in depth when it comes to their past what we did get was interesting and made a lot of sense for the both of them. 

I liked both Ty and Kate, both felt very genuine to me especially since we hear both of their POVs in this book. There was something really interesting and special in the setting as well as their past which led them somehow to keep each other at arm's length. Yet there was still something missing for this one to be an absolute 5 star review. More in depth characters / past? more intimacy between them conversation-vise? I mean there were a lot of things that they left unsaid even if we, the readers, did know of. I'm not really sure. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 222 pages, 16-17 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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