Friday, September 12, 2014

The Wedding Fling by Meg Maguire

This is the perfect book for Holiday, you know what, it's also the perfect book when you are in a need of a Holiday which is basically, whenever you are NOT in one ;) After more "heavy duty" books I really enjoyed reading a more "easy going" book. Naturally each of the MC had their issues but basically it was a fun and optimistic read.

Leigh runs off from her wedding day after discovering that Dan, her fiance, wasn't the guy she wanted to commit to. Wanting a bit of a break from her life as a celebrity she decides to go to the secluded cabin in the Caribbeans she and Dan ordered for their Honeymoon. There she meets a not very charming pilot named Will who isn't what he looks like and doesn't have the purest intentions when it comes to her, or rather his intentions WERE shady but as he got to know her and she to know him, they both want a fun and not committing fling with a person they came to like and enjoy one's company. Naturally it doesn't stay that for long when her being a celebrity "gets in the way" and his shady intentions from before he got to know her explodes in their faces. So a bit of drama in the end but mostly a relaxed vocation in the Caribbeans for Leigh as well as for us (by proxy).

Will and Leigh each has their own problems - Leigh kinda got lost becoming a celebrity and she just wants to be her old self back but being a crowd-pleaser that she is, it's hard for her to navigate her life to where she wants them to be.  Will on the other hand just wants his and his father's dream to come true, opening a bar in a place he had picked but can't buy due to loss of funds. 

A very enjoyable and fun read. Sometimes this is what we need, an easy going, good pace story with a relaxed plot line that even with it's little crisis (and big one near the end) just delivers the bit of romance and positive outcome we need to absorb. It's no Shakespearean master piece or an emotional ride/wreck, and the characters aren't perfect heroes or somehow "to die for" by any stretch of the word, there is nothing to really envy them of except for their present locations ;) but it IS a great little story that left me with a nice calm and smile on my face.

Recommended! You'll know when you need one of those :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 224 pages, 11-12 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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