Saturday, September 20, 2014

Every Time I Think of You by Tracey Gravis-Graves

I was SO excited about this one! I read both of Tracey's books - "On the Island" and "Covet" and LOVED both of them. They were very different from one another yet each had a beautiful love story, with characters you really could relate to and "feel". So it was really natural that I didn't even read the synopsis of this one before adding it to my reading list. I actually DID read the synopsis before I started to read this one and the one thing that really bothered me was sadly one of the reasons I didn't finish this book... yeah.. the kid.. 

I'm not a "fan" of kids. I "accept" kids in books when the kid is there for a reason and he or she moves the plot line (I actually read quite recently a few really good books with kids including "Covet" and didn't mind them). In this book, the kid or rather, toddler was mostly there to be "sweet" or to have something for the MC to talk about. Mind you, if I was a single mom (NOT going to happen but humor me...) I would NEVER start a conversation with a HOT guy about how anxious I am about putting my toddler in day care or rather I wouldn't talk to ANY guy about kids unless he started it or if he is actually a father himself (or soon to be one) but NOT with a single guy.. Talking about a total and absolute TURN OFF. I'm a woman and can't stand those moms who can't shut up about their kids. Grow a life already! 

So THAT was a major bummer for me. The other thing was I couldn't relate or find any interest in both the MC. The story is told from both their POV as well as a few others. Brooks is a reporter who suppose to interview Daisy about her grandmother's murder. I swear besides one conversation they have in the beginning he just "hangs around her" without it making any sense, neither one of them has anything to add about the murder.. Also he keep appearing in her apartment, knocking on her door. This one is a MAJOR turn off, his reasoning doesn't work on people from our generation. Calling is the POLITE way not to mention who says she will even be home?! strange that he always finds her home.. even though she works in shifts so he might know when she's working but people occasionally do other staff... Which brings me to another subject - both Brooks and Daisy are the most boring people I've ever "met". They actually don't have any hobbies. None so ever. I don't care that their life is messy at the moment, they actually don't have any specific interests which is, frankly, strange and also makes the characters dull. 

The pacing of the story is really slow. I stopped at a little over half of the book and I can say that "mystery-wise" nothing happens. Also "romance wise" they go on one date that ended SO bad I couldn't even continue reading. I don't get both Brooks and Daisy and I couldn't really feel any real attraction between them. The conversation they had made no sense to me (with the toddler subject taking too much space). so I just decided to put it aside.. 

I feel HORRIBLE writing this review but making myself read this one to the end just so I MIGHT feel differently wasn't something I really felt like doing, it was literally making myself do something I felt no interest in doing. Also, after reading her two previous novels, I feel like this review might give you a wrong impression about Tracey and I don't know what happened with this one but her previous ones are ABSOLUTELY beautiful. I loved them to pieces! and I'll still auto-buy her next novel without even reading the synopsis.. (well, I MIGHT check that there aren't any kids in it..). So I apologize for this review and for not giving this book more chance than the 56% I DID read, sorry I didn't "get it" and felt so remote from the characters and I really hope that the next one would be as amazing as her first ones. 

 (DNF 56%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 370 pages, 18-20 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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