Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Defying the Odds (Battered Hearts #1) by Kele Moon

I can't seem to remember or find who recommended this series to me.. I think I stumbled on a review of the second or third one but didn't see a real review of this one.. I like to start in the beginning so I grabbed this one... 

Let's just be honest here - I didn't like this book. I wanted to love it, I thought the idea was really nice, did love the main hero but couldn't really "get" the main heroine who felt, well, unreal.. The relationship build up was also not realistic considering the whole book was a whole month and they were madly about have way through the book. She felt for him wayyyyy too soon, not to mention trusting him too soon considering her past. 

But (!) the most annoying thing about this book was definitely the speech of the characters which is why I'm NOT going to read the next one (though I have a feeling that with the main characters it would be WAY better!). I understand that there is some sort of authenticity about having the characters speak with a "real accent" relating to where they live and their social class BUT I couldn't, just couldn't stand it.. 
All those - ya (you), lotta, 'bout, ain't, lemme, 'em, dontcha etc... It really just made the characters sound as uneducated fools... Well, there WERE pretty uneducated, but hearing them speak like that all the damn time made the book feel kinda, I mean, kind-of "cheap".. Not sure what other word to use here.. 

Melody has been running from her abusive ex-husband. Though they are divorced for a year he is still after her and considering what she went through (beatings, humiliations and even forced sex) she is NOT willing to come back! So finding a small town with a friendly boss to work as a waitress was exactly what she needed. Though she is broke on Thanksgiving day she buys a lonely guy a pumpkin pie while not knowing who he is - Clay is the local hero as well as the national wresting champion who doesn't need any charity but does need, as it seems, a friendly gesture from someone who doesn't do it for the money.. 

I really liked Clay he was sweet, really really sweet, I could see why Melody fell for him, I would too! But her, I didn't believe in her, it's not the liking as the truths she blurts out that are SO inappropriate and couldn't possibly feel real. Talking outside the diner, knowing him about a week she tells him she was forced to have sex with her ex-husband, blurts out all the abuse she has gone through in SUCH a nonchalance way that, really, I don't know how anyone who gone through what she did a year ago could relate with such acceptance (?). Totally unbelievable. Also going for the biggest guy and wanting to have rough sex with him - not very believable.. Yeah, he feels like a defender, I get that, but I think that it's too soon after such a trauma to go all guns blazing with a guy she hardly knows and everyone says is a jackass. 

You guess how this book ends, right? There wasn't anything really fetching about the book, I felt I knew what's going to happen most of the time and since I couldn't like Melody I kept going just because I hate putting a book in the middle and it's quite a short one.. also I was getting the second part of my tattoo and didn't feel like looking for a new book. After 6 hours under the needle I actually finished this one the second the tattoo artist was over for the day.

Clay's best friends - the siblings Wyatt and Jules (which will be the main heroes in the next to books) were a nice add and yet they felt superficial somehow. Wyatt was totally unbelievable as the Sheriff and Jules as a lawyer? should have left her as a coach of martial arts, would have been a better suit for her character.. I have a feeling her book (the second one) will be MUCH better since I already like her and Romeo (yeah, you got that right - Romeo and Juliet..) but I can't be bothered by the language and the total feel of the insta-romance we witnessed in this one.. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 171 pages, 7-8 September 2014 / On GoodReads

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