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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Addicted by Charlotte Stein

I hate doing this.. but after thinking and re-thinking this I decided to write this review anyway...

First off let me start with a confession - I didn't finish the book. I'm about half way through (chapter 8 if that matters to someone..), I started reading this one little more than two weeks ago, I got to a third of the book before telling myself - this is it for me.. I'm NOT continuing.. Then I got to thinking, it's a short Novel - less than 200 pages I SHOULD finish it and see if it gets better or if I'm missing out something.. So yesterday I had an hour to read and I since I didn't want to start a new book I decided to give this one another try. No. It simply doesn't work for me. I CAN'T keep on reading.. 

I've read 2 books by Charlotte - Run to You (also a short novel) and Curve Ball (short Novella) - I found both to be brilliant. So reading this one and discarding it in the middle I feel like shouting at Charlotte - WHY DID YOU DO THIS (to me)? 
Why did you release this terrible book?! I'm not sure if I should be offended for her, or offended by her. really!

Kit is a boring librarian, yes she had relationships before but she never had an orgasm. That fact didn't stop her from writing a "filthy" story which she has no real knowledge or experience in.. To make it more believable she joins a group of sex addicts. There she meets Dillon a sex-addict-man-whore. Dillon "tricks" Kit and obtain her novel. After reading it he decided they should enact the book (to make it believable? just to have sex with her? dunno). As it turns out Kit is a sex addict who never knew she was one. Great.. 

So what's my deal with this book? well, it was boring. I found myself REALLY bored during a sex scene that spanned about a half an hour of reading.. (can't tell you how many pages since I'm reading on a kindle). I'd expect someone who is having this amazing sex she never experience anything like it before to not be able to think THAT clearly throughout it, you know? Kit describes every freaking thought and sensation every second of the book and her thinking sound SO immature I wanted to bang her head through the wall, if I'd only care enough for her to do it.. apparently I don't.. I didn't like her, didn't get her, was bored of her and well, Dillon is even worse since he doesn't even have a personality.. he's just there to make her come.. really.. His story of how he became an addict was just, I don't know, it was stupid.. there was nothing "there".

The previous books I read by Charlotte were so damn funny! the narration was hilarious and smart even if both the characters (like Kit) were quite insecure in themselves. But as insecure as they were - they felt believable. Their story was something that, well, 1 to a million might happen in the "real world".. and I definitely could relate somehow to them, understand them. 

So, sadly, I HAD to give up where I did (maybe even before the middle..) BUT this is not going to change my good opinion of Charlotte Stein's writing! and I'm DEFINITELY read more books by her (I"ll just do my "research" better through reviews before I plunge into reading). 
  (DNF 48%) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 190 pages, 26 November - 10 December 2013 / On GoodReads

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