Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Shock & Awe (Sidewinder #1) by Abigail Roux

A short steamy novella of Nick and Kelly and the starting of their relationship - also starting the new "spin-off" series to Cut & Run

Kelly was injured pretty bad in the last book of Cut & Run (Touch & Geaux). Nick takes him back to his home to take care of him. This is not something to surprise anyone it's just the way Sidewinder works and definitely how Nick works - he takes care of everyone. 

Nick recently "came out of the closet" admitting he is gay (or rather Bi) Kelly might have been surprised but he is mostly curious. Curious enough to ask Nick to kiss him just to "try it out". From there their violent attraction keeps on rising..

Kelly is the kind of guy who falls very quickly while Nick is exactly the opposite - always running away from a possible relationship.. So this attraction puts them in a very problematic situation - they don't want to ruin their relationship.. 

The story felt real to me in the sense that when you try to move from friendship to relationship there is always the fear of losing the person you already love but on the other hand its the most natural thing. You feel so comfortable everything moves much faster while being less scarier. 

I will admit that 5 marines in one team - best friends and all - 3 of them gay, 2 of the coupling together sounds a little un-likely but well this is only a book so everything is possible :) 

This novella has 2 parts. the first one starting when Kelly returns home with Nick - and everything that happens then.. and ending very close in timeline to Touch & Geaux. The second part titled "Bait & Switch" - happens later on. I was so confused seeing the second title - I wasn't sure what it is! who it will be about! - I was SO hoping it would be a glimpse of Ty and Zane! but this is a Sidewinder story so you get more Nick and Kelly :) 

I loved this novella, I think it's a great start for the series putting them together this way and be ready for all the adventures to come. Unlike Ty and Zane that needed SO much time to trust each other, to come out to their family and friends - it can be much easier for Nick and Kelly. 

I must say that I'm already in mourning.. maybe that's why I don't feel my review is as enthusiastic as maybe it should be. I'm just so bummed that this is it until March.. The ending of Touch & Geaux just tore my heart out and after reading this one it reminded me how much angst we had in the ending of that one which wasn't really resolved yet (!)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 97 pages, 11-12 November 2013 / On GoodReads

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