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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Deeper Than Midnight (Midnight Breed #9 - Hunter and Corrine) by Lara Adrian

After reading most of the series one-after-the-other I made a small break reading sweet novellas that mostly has nothing supernatural about them. 

When I was looking at my "schedule" and saw that the next one "should" be book 9 in the Midnight Breed - a book about Hunter which should be VERY interesting I kind of sighed. I wasn't sure I was "ready" to return to the series for some un-known reason.
So I just opened the book and started reading. first page - bam! action pack of Chase and Hunter. from there it was obvious I won't put this book down...

This book actually had 3 plots. 

The obvious one is of Hunter and Corrine which I absolutely loved. Everything about the way they fell for each other, how they reviled their past to one another (not mentioning here Hunter's gift which is extraordinary and in my eyes fitting his character). Hunter realizes he saw Corrine in one of Mira's visions, he realizes he is going to disappoint her (more like break her apart) and he is struggling with this prospect as he is slowly but surely falls in love with Corrine. Corrine on the other hand find it hard to trust anyone after 70+ years of torture in Dragos's captive. She finds it hard telling Hunter her true objective. the ending of this story-line is phenomenal! 

Plot number two refers to what happens in the compound while Hunter and Corrine are away (he is signed to taking her home to her family). We know that Dragos is going to hurt the Order in some definite way. So we are witnessing then trying to assess what the treat is going to be and how to deal with it. Lucan has realized in the last couple of books that this is not the warrior compound it used to be.. the are a big family know, with their women, Tess soon to be born baby, Mira and Kellan Archer (who was brought there with his grandfather after what happened to their family in the ending of the previous book). This way the un-known treat seems more deadly.. 

Plot number three is actually 2 plots but I'll write it down together never the less. we are learning a little of Dragos sick plans mostly with nothing to do with the Order (that is sort of a surprise most of the book). We have sick glimpses to his brain which I hate whenever they appear in the books. It's not that they are written badly or that they are boring is that he is SO disgusting! mingled somehow into this plot we have Chase - the next book objective. which is suffering for how long now? book 3 (Tegan and Elise)? He is definitely on his way down. He struggles with the bloodlust when he sees and objective he wished to pursue (mainly when it is something to do with Dragos that's why I'm adding their parts together). rest of the time he's just being his usual annoying asshole.. I'll be reading Danika's novella before his book which is a good thing because during all these books I don't know what I feel for Chase. Mostly he annoys me and I feel alienated from his storyline. He fucks up literally everything. He is by far the most fucked up character. Oh well, we'll see how this one plays out..

Final words - Loved this novel! don't know why I haven't being reading this the second I finished the 8th one. though maybe a break lets me appreciate the series even more ;)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 387 pages, 12-14 September 2013 / On GoodReads

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