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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ashes of Midnight (Midnight Breed #6 - Andreas Reichen and Claire) by Lara Adrian

What a rush! I read this book in two "gulps" the first last night till I realized I HAD to go to sleep then today when I returned home from work and shamefully done little else than read :]

I enjoyed this book immensely! I knew I'm going to love Andre's book (I'm allowing myself to nickname him - deal with it!) since I loved him from the second we encountered his character. I knew this guy is going to stay somehow with the Order. He might be a "suit" but he is dying for action :)

As reviled in the previous book Andre's power is pyrokinesis. I'll admit that's enough for me to fall head over feet and not just because it reminds me of Vlad [my love] from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress (he has his own series called the Dark Prince - READ IT! can't recommend this two books enough! I still shocked I'm quite functional while waiting for the 3rd book t be released..). There is something damn sexy about this power. even though with Andre it's not as easy going as flicking on the light. you'll see :)

Reading the past of the previous Breed member's they all have a live changing event behind them. something sad that keeps them at arms length from finding solace, from finding a mate. with Andre I felt that his story is sadder and also the fact that it is fresh and not something he drags on for years while doing nothing about it adds to feeling the book is more, mmm shall I dare say realistic? (in a frying vamps alive kind of a sense, ya know.. truly realistic shit :P) 

Well, he has a buried, or maybe not that buried issues from his past.. the main one is Claire. his one true love. I won't write here why their relationship broke and how she found herself mated to his now darkest enemy (read it and find out! :P) but it is a sort of a closure - 30 years later - understanding what happened all these years back, what he lost, why, and the fact that neither Claire nor him ever stopped loving each other even though she is mated and he never ever considered settling down (with one woman..). 

I loved Claire and Andre's romance. even as they love each other so dearly the main thing they both are worried with is each other's well being, and only after that - being together. they would risk each other's life for each other even knowing they might loose each other. The last few chapters where amazing in that sense. how strong is their bond. prepare quite a heart squeeze there!

Another thing I loved about this book is that even though it was mostly about the two of them the Order weren't neglected (well, I think Dante almost didn't have "screen" time which is always a shame but he had a lot of Tegan which is always a blessing), I think that's important, because basically the series is about all of them.. so neglecting them would have been a boomer.. (which wasn't :))and also I liked that we had a little more of the "new guys" preparing us to the next couple of books. because right before this book I was thinking that after this book we have Kade. who the f is Kade? (well, I still don't know but give me another two days to gulp the next one down and we'll see :))

Last but not least, somewhere in the previous books I complained that the breedmates are too passive for me, they sit around "doing nothing" ever since they came into the Order's compound as mates while leaving their lives behind.. well, allow me to officially apologize! They kick ass!!! :) (though I'm a bit bummed not having seen my beloved Elise in action) Oh! and we had a "surprise mini visit" of someone from the past which was nice :) 

so basically all this rumble jumble is saying - LOVED IT! READ IT! ENJOY IT! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 370 pages, 17-18 August 2013 / On GoodReads

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