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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Spectred Isle (Green Men #1) [Randolph & Saul] by K.J Charles

Nope. This one just wasn't for me. I have similar feelings about this one as I did The Secret Casebook of Simon Feximal. I'll just say it.. I was bored. There was NOTHING grabbing me in this book. I don't understand the world building or the WORLD really. 26% in (where I stopped) and I basically don't understand anything about who's what and what is the purpose of anything or anyone. I expect to understand more of what's going on in a dual POV novel but while Saul is mostly confused about his "findings", Randolph who's supposed to be "on top of things" reveal very little in his inner dialogue and the ones he has with his partners / close friends leave me with the same questions I had in Simon Feximal's book. I've read most of K.J's books. I actually have only one left on my list and I ADORED so many of them. I enjoy her writing and her characters and relationship buildup but this one (and the previous one) feels TOTALLY different. I wouldn't have EVER guessed they were written by the same person. I just don't get it..

So yeah, about a quarter in and mostly what has happened is covered in the synopsis. Saul Lazenby is an archeologist but after a disgraced release from the army following WWI he is back in London and since he is not the kind of man to hide his past, after almost starving for bread, he finally finds work for Major Peabody. We don't know what happened with Saul all we know is though he does everything the Major asks him, he doesn't believe a THING of it. Major Peabody believes in magic, and he believed London is covered with it and he intends to reveal its patterns. Though there ARE strange things that Saul (and the Major) witness he still doesn't think there is anything THAT extraordinary about it. Well, except for meeting and re-meeting Randolph Glyde though he doesn't attribute that to any magical occurrence either. 

Randolph Glyde doesn't understand why Saul keeps appearing in the same place he does his magical work. I'm not sure what his work actually IS or what his powers are though we do know his family has been into this kind of work for many generations. Too bad he is the last to survive.. He currently lives with 3 of his friends and partners in this magical work in the house owned by Miss Kay (who also housed Simon and Robert) but the years have gone by and they aren't alive anymore. One of Randolph's friends Sam Coldwell was adopted by Simon and Robert and that's how he came to own the house. 

Randolph doesn't say much to Saul to explain what HE is doing in the same place as him and I could understand why.. But it also makes Saul question Randolph's sanity. There is attraction there between them and while I guess Randolph wouldn't say no, Saul has too much to lose at the moment, so he isn't open to any offers. 

That's where I stopped. Or rather I stopped when there was too much talk about the English government and why they want Randolph and his partners to work for them (as they tried with Simon and Robert). It was confusing and not that interesting as too much was left unsaid or unexplained (as usual). So, I had enough and let it go. I don't like being in the dark for THAT long into a novel. It also feels like the information we DO get (and doesn't make much sense) flips pages but doesn't lead to anything real actually HAPPENING. 

The series stops here at the moment, there was supposed to be another one but it's currently on hold until further notice and anyhow I don't think I'll be continuing to read anything in this "world". 


DNF 26%
Read on:
28 April 2020

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