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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Lay It Down by Mary Calmes

This one started out great, but somewhere around the middle it changed in a way that left me annoyed. That's where I stopped for a few days not finding the motivation to keep on reading. The whole idea was great, and I liked a lot of the way it played but the insta-love and insta-lust was SO all-over-the-place I couldn't enjoy the romance at all. 

Dalvon and Hudson are twin brothers, not identical twins but they DO look very much a like. When Hudson comes to visit Dalvon in Ibiza he runs off on Hudson leaving him to deal with his mess. Hudson thought it would be him telling his VERY rich fiancee Miguel GarcĂ­a he and Dalvon are over but it turned out it wasn't the ONLY thing Dalvon left in his care.. 

It is not very clear what Miguel thought when he left Dalvon in charge of his vila and businesses but once Hudson got there and started looking into things he started improving ALL of them and also the vila itself. For once he felt he has found his place even though he was stranded in Ibiza and he DID have to return to Boston for him studies. Yet for the short time to he stayed he made an impacted on the small community as they made an impact on him. I enjoyed seeing Hudson in his element, the way he made friends and worked with the people around him. 

It was all so easy for him while he was the guy in charge yet when Miguel returns he starts to second guess himself not only because he isn't sure of his place anymore but because he is so VERY attracted to the guy and he seems to want him too. Things move WAY too quickly from this point. There is no "real romance" it's about UBER attraction and claiming the other guy. I didn't like that at all. I get that Miguel had a sense of who Hudson was through the reports he got on him and the way he treated everyone and how much of help he was with the businesses, yet he didn't KNOW the guy, and Hudson didn't really know anything about Miguel.. So the second part of the book was OTT attraction and cheesiness I didn't really care for. 

Though this was a novella, it did have more elements about the siblings and how they work out their differences and how Dalvon also finds himself, and there was even a little bit of action with the other thing Dalvon left for Hudson to sort out. I would have liked a better focus on the relationship buildup and less of Dalvon and the other issue... 

All in all it was a nice novella. The beginning was great. If you don't mind "insta" love/attraction you might really enjoy this one.

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