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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Heart-Shaped Hack (Kate and Ian #1) by Tracey Garvis-Graves

I'm sorry, this book isn't working for me.. I tried giving it the best shot I can, but 69% in, I lost the appeal. The little things that annoyed me throughout the book became too much for me to continue and I really do think I've read enough to have a good opinion on what I feel about it. 

There is a lot of unique concepts about this book. Both MC, at least in the beginning felt very different from what I'm used to reading. Ian sounded like the "anti-hero" someone we'll need time to see as capable of being a true "romantic interest", and Kate had everything she could wish for as a lawyer yet she put that all aside to work at a shelter for people with limited funds. That's really not a usual setting for a novel. Though them meeting when she found he was the anonymous donor DOES sound romance novel material and quite swoon worthy. 

Ian is quick, full of "Huzpha", he knows what he wants, he'll use all of his resources to get it even if it's not appropriate or rather legal. After all, he's a Hacker that's what he does (though he considers himself a "good hacker" because he fights ones who use their ability to harm others). He found an interest in Kate and he WILL make her like him even with his boundary issues. Kate is annoyed at first, but Ian is SO intriguing she find it hard to keep her distance. So while I was skeptic at first to how the hell she could trust him, it worked and rather quickly (also because Ian sort of learnt how to behave). 

I'm not really sure when I realized I'm having a REAL difficulty with both Ian and Kate. Thing is, this story is TOTALLY unrealistic and not because of what's HAPPENING, but because both MC are utterly PERFECT. Both so beautiful and toned, smart and capable, mischievous in the exact right amount. Though Ian's family story is tragic, he is at 32 a VERY successful, dare I say he could even be a millionaire. He made all his money by himself and not as a Hacker but through his business (consulting of security issues). He is THE BEST at what he does (mentioned SO MANY TIMES throughout the book). He is excellent at everything he does, he has an impeccable taste, the best kisser that without mentioning the soul shattering orgasms he gives Kate. Oh, and I forgot to mention he is a modern Robin Hood, using the money he takes from "bad hackers" to help the poor. Kate left the perfect job to something more meaningful, she also left her boyfriend Stuart because she felt she wanted more. She has a very close connection with her family, her parents and brother who really couldn't be a more loving and caring family. 

It got to the point I couldn't handle ANY mention of something positive about these two because HOW perfect they are is truly OVER THE TOP. What happened to writing "flawed" characters or one I could somehow relate to, and not feel like they were invented for this story alone. Yeah Ian started off somehow on the wrong foot with Kate but he redeemed himself VERY quickly to becoming the PERFECT boyfriend EVER. Barely third date he already takes care of her when she is sick.It just became so damn CHEESY I was annoyed with the both of them. Yeah, I got it, you're perfect, you love each other, you are perfect for one another and perfect together. 'nough said. 

Only two things are NOT actually perfect about Kate (who btw is our sole POV) - She clearly is heading towards a drinking problem as Ian laughed. My god oh many bottles of wine she devoured in this book.. second being the constant comparison between Ian and Stuart (her ex). I got it in the beginning, but at a certain point I was just over it, I forgot about Stuart so should she.. You love Ian, he is the perfect boyfriend, why bring Stuart into the mix?

So, well, Kate and Ian aren't working for me. Each on his/her own and especially not as the perfect / the best couples ever. Their mundane life just couldn't capture me because it somehow clashed with how pristine they were in all these daily activities. 

This is the second book I"m not finishing by Tracey, and yet I also have two full length novel (with each also having a short continuous novella) that I ADORED. So I'm not sure what happened in her last two books but I won't be reading the second (and last) part of Ian and Kate's story and I'll REALLY consider and reconsider if I want to try more of Tracey's book in the future. 


DNF (69%)
Read on:
5-6 Apr-2017

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