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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Frog by Mary Calmes

The perfect romance story really. Though it was short it had everything anyone could wish for. It was sweet and endearing, it was heart warming, and the only dramatic struggle was actually just in the MCs' head. Weber Yates wanted to belong but he never knew he could find a home and a family with someone like Cyrus Benning. Cyrus already had it all, the only thing he didn't have, and the only thing, the only one, who truly made him happy was Weber, the guy who would rather run away than stay. 

Weber thinks as himself as the frog Cyrus kissed, but he didn't think he turned out the prince Cyrus repeatedly says he sees in him. They met three years ago, Weber doing a temp job in a ranch, Cyrus the successful neurosurgeon going on a trip with his wealthy friends, but after their first kiss, their first encounter, it was hard for them to let each other go. Yet Cyrus' life is in the big city, and Weber is a bull rider who has no home of his own. He wanders the country from farm to farm, visiting Cyrus whenever he is in the area. For Cyrus it's not enough but their last fight gave him nothing - Weber ran off again not to be heard of again for months. So when Weber finally calls from a payphone saying he's in the area, Cyrus does his best to convince Weber to just wait a bit for him to come take him. 

Though we only get Weber's POV it's more than enough because everything Cyrus does shows how much he cares for Weber, and yet Weber is worried he isn't worthy, he doesn't have anything to offer Cyrus (except for sex.. they do excel at that..) and he has too much pride to be a "kept man" especially since he thinks the "novelty" would wear off, once he stays with Cyrus long enough for Cyrus to realize he deserves much more. 

Cyrus is a serious guy, one who doesn't show his emotions and mostly stands aloof. Yet ever since he met Weber he found another part to himself, the silly, laughing and enjoying life Cyrus I'm not even sure HE knew he had in himself. Weber is sweet, he takes care of Cyrus, he is considerate, he is loving. It's not wonder Cyrus feels as though he hung the moon. Weber sees himself differently, having no education or a real occupation, not to mention not having a home (or even a family somewhere) so it takes Cyrus most of this book to make Weber realize he NEEDS him, for exactly who he is. 

The chance to keep Weber for more than a day or two comes with Carolyn - Cyrus' sister finding herself sans husband and nanny.. Somehow Weber connected with her three children in no time and so she begs him to be their nanny for even a short while until she sort herself out. After giving his word he won't back down which leaves Cyrus enough time to SHOW Weber how much he is important and really essential to him. The kids love him, and it's no hardship for him to care for them. As he tells Cyrus' mother - "I do well with kids and animals. They don't care 'bout the same things adults do". This sentence sums up how Weber sees himself and it broke my heart. Kids see the goodness in him, they don't think about what he does for a living or if he does or doesn't own a house, they care about how he treats them and how he loves them and really that's what Cyrus tries to tell and show Weber all this time that he really doesn't care about ANY of the "material" things, like the kids he sees the genuine, beautiful, kind, caring, loving person he is and that's the guy he wants to keep forever. Weber might be a simply guy, the way he walks around Cyrus' world shows that with every step (it was truly endearing!) but while he is crazy stupid at realizing how much Cyrus loves him and needs him, he has his own kind of smarts. 

It takes almost forever for Weber to realize that he is loved and truly needed. That he has a value even without a real income or more than a penny to his name but once he does we see this endearing family forming in front of our eyes and it's SO sweet it's the kind to give a sugar rush. Yet it didn't, it was just so damn beautiful. I do apologize for the over use of the word "endearing" for me this one could sum up the whole book and how it made me feel. 

This is just a short novella but Mary somehow packed so much into it I feel I got a whole story that gave a true HEA, the kind neither Cyrus nor Weber would believe they'll ever have. They got each other, but they both got so much more. 


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