Tuesday, May 2, 2017

What Matters by Gracie Leigh

I didn't expect any less from Garrett, or in this case Gracie :) I COULDN'T put it down, it was BEAUTIFUL, though naturally HIGHLY emotional - wanted to smack both MCs in the head too many times to count but I still LOVED it to pieces. So it's a girl meets a boy, not Garrett's usual boy meets boy, for me, it made no difference I loved it nevertheless and besides we DO get one scorching HOT scene with another guy so.. yeah.. 

Eddie Dean life seemed perfect from the outside. Rich, talented violin player studying in the best music school, a beautiful boyfriend. Yep, the life.. and yet besides the musical part it all comes crashing down when her father loses all his money. Penny-less she needs to figure out how to keep her life together with no help from her parents. Two people come to her help - the first being Arthur Novak, the owner of a small cafe near her house. He offers her tea and breakfast and she asks for a job. For the first time in her life she needs to have one in order to keep her life together. The second to offer her help and friendship is her flatmate Martha. While they never been truly friends before but Martha has so much love and care to offer, not to mention she helps Eddie figure it all out, ask for loan and offers little help she can in their daily lives. Without these two Eddie wouldn't have been able to have ANYTHING. But the one to steal her heart is no other than the grumpy Sam Novak, Arthur's grandson who works the cafe much more than his kind grandfather does.

This whole story is told from Eddie's POV and though at times I REALLY wanted to know what the hell Sam was thinking I don't think we truly needed it. He would have been a growling mesh as it is hehe. It was a little hard to like Sam, no wonder it took Eddie time.. but with attraction they both didn't have ANY problem. While her relationship with Ian (her not even boyfriend) lasted quite a long while, it was all for a show Eddie realized she has no desire to play anymore, or rather she needed real desire and she couldn't find it in the self absorbed Ian. Sam is obnoxious, grumpy, assuming and generally not a fun guy to be around (when he isn't sexually pleasuring Eddie..) yet somehow he DOES grow on Eddie (and yeah, on me as well), because when his true self shows we can see there's actually a good guy somewhere under the surface. Yet every time each of them makes a "wrong turn" the other makes a HUGE scene out of it. They both assume enough about the other, coming from different worlds. If not for Arthur and Dylan (Sam's best friend) mendling a little I don't think Sam and Eddie would have found their way to each other.   

I really enjoyed this one. Though it was an emotional rollercoaster, it was also very satisfying to see how Eddie took back HER life and accomplished so much with belief and new found friendships. She would never have her old life back, but it didn't really show that she was missing it. I'm sure Sam and Eddie would find their way to happiness that lasts with mutual care and love for one another, a kind so very different than the one she saw at home. I believe in both of them, too stubborn to let their wishes taken from them and too passionate with each other and toward to world to let any dream slip their grasp. 

Another GREAT book by Garrett Leigh, this time using the pen name Gracie Leigh (for a MF title). I've loved all of her books so there was really no reason for this book to be any different. I AM a little disappointed with myself, being half Polish I have NO IDEA what all those cuisine were! Growing up I just figured there weren't any.. Too bad my trip to Poland this April was cancelled.. I would have LOVED checking these yummy sounding dishes. 

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