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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Midnight Unbound (Midnight Breed #14.6) [Scythe & Chiara] by Lara Adrian

A fun enjoyable read in the series, really enjoyed it. Both Scythe and Chiara needed to find a "break", find each other, someone who sees them and accepts them despite their past, or rather they needed to let the past lay where it should and be able to move past it into each other's arms. It was a short novella, Had a bit of everything I guess, drama, action and steamy sex. 

The story line continues the previous novella. Chiara is Bella's sister in law (Chiara was married to Bella's brother Mal). Mal put all of his family in danger due to his gambling habits. So now Chiara finds herself in danger yet again and the order sends Scythe to take care of things, meaning stay with her in the vineyard she lives in while he waits for the Breed Male who attacked her (but was unsuccessful in taking her) to return. The Order has too many things to deal with now, leaving Scythe to deal with Chiara's safety, only leaving Pietro (Chiara's 3 years old boy) in the care of Bella and her mate "Savage". 

Scythe has a sad story, being a previous Hunter raised by Dragos not to mention the way he lost his left hand.. But Chiara sees a male of honor, one she wishes could be on her side but couldn't really see it happening when all he shows is his annoyance of having to lay low and wait for an unknown enemy to appear. Yet the reason Scythe is annoyed is because of his attraction to Chiara. He seems unable to ignore his feelings and attraction to her no matter how hard he tries and in the end, with a little prodding from her they start to open up to one another. 

It was a nice sweet story. I really enjoyed it but I wished we've gotten a little bit "more" somehow. I"m not even sure what exactly... If you are a fan of the series there's no way you're missing this one! But if you haven't read any of them you SHOULD. Start with the first one. Currently this is one of my absolute favorite PNR series. 

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21-22 Mar-2017

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