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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Shattered Glass (Shattered Glass #1) [Peter & Austin] by Dani Alexander

It really is a shame it took me THAT long to get to this amazing book. It's actually very hard to review because I'm not sure how to explain it besides saying 'Austin Glass' and resting my case. There is something about his narrative, the way he thinks, the way he talks, and the way he seems to always get himself into trouble which is more than endearing. It's not that he is "perfect", he isn't which is exactly what makes him so likeable. He is confused, he is way over his head, he is TOO DAMN HORNY for his own good but you know what? It sort of works out in the end even if not the way he would have thought a day before he met a cute redhead with bunny slippers. 

Detective Austin Glass isn't a regular cop and not only because of his big mouth and the fact no one takes a word of what he spits out of it as serious. Well, maybe except for him partner, but I have a feeling it's something hard even for him to guess. Austin is rich, so very rich, and yet the money doesn't mean a lot to him, though it's surely nice to have.. His end game is working his ass off, being a respectable and successful Detective so he can pursue a career in the FBI. Yet the case he is currently working on doesn't show itself as being that special or big as it's actually turns out to be, and it is going to jeopardize EVERYTHING for Austin.

Austin's life is where it should be when he is waiting for an informant in a dinner who used to be owned by an ex-cop. He is about to be married to Angelica, whom he known most of his adult life. She is a fierce lawyer, working for his father's company (though he and his father don't talk.. they have nothing to talk about or anything to agree on). He truly loves her, but as the wedding approaches he has his usual doubts. Angelica is actually the first woman he didn't cheat on, or abandon when he just moved on all of a sudden. But as he sees Peter, the young hustler wearing the bunny slippers while waiting fruitlessly for his informant, something awakens in him, an interest he doesn't know how to handle or how to quell.

The question how does a 26 years old guy "suddenly" discovers he is gay, is not a question worth asking accusingly at Austin, because he DOES ask himself exactly that and he has different reasons throughout the book, but somewhere along the way he comes to admit that deep down inside he always knew but he had his reasons not to follow up on his feelings which led to A LOT of awful relationships with women, and even though he does love Angelica in his own way, it's not enough. 

Peter is driving him bat-shit-crazy. His interest in him just gets worse and worse even when Peter turns out to be infuriating in the hot-cold vibe he is throwing Austin's way. But that and the many more reasons he has NOT to try and date the guy doesn't hold a candle to HOW MUCH he wants him. Why he shouldn't date him? besides the fact Peter might not be interested? because he is a witness in his current case. A case which gets complicated as time goes by and Peter's involvement couldn't be more problematic, or rather the fact he keeps holding things from Austin makes it impossible to even trust him yet he somehow does, against his better judgment. 

The plot thickens many times, as I've written above, this case is MUCH more than everyone anticipated (Peter included) but as their connection grows Peter finds himself in a position he NEEDS Austin's help and from there, he starts showing a more vulnerable side and mostly he uncovers ever more complicated truths. 

I think I'm going to stop talking about the plot now. I really don't want to say more than I should and spoiler anything. I loved the pace of this one, REALLY enjoyed Austin's inner voice (even if he thought WAY too much of sex), and even though the relationship buildup was frustrating AS HELL, I liked that it took them long enough to trust each other. They both have a past that prevented them from being able to throw their hearts at one another. 

Even though this book has many awful life circumstances, I gotta say this book wasn't actually depressing, it was mostly funny or frustrating and at times holding me at the end of my seat to see what happens next. I liked that, this could be done SO differently into a heartbreaking story, and though it was in a way, it also wasn't. I saw more hopefulness than sadness about life in the characters' past. 

This is Dani debut novel and it was GREAT! I wish I had more of him to try out, but as it seems I'll just have to wait until he FINALLY publishes the next installment "Not So Innocent" which is Cai's story. Who is Cai? well, I think it's better you read this one and unravel him as I did. Somewhere along the way we'll also get Daryl's story in "Shatterproof" he is another important side character in this story. I guess it's a good place to mention I really enjoyed the other characters in this book and how they interacted. They all felt very genuine as no one was truly "perfect" / without faults, and yet most (I mean, the "good guys" ;)) were loveable so I really can't WAIT to get more. More of Cai, Daryl, Peter and Austin but also generally more by Dani. 

In one word - SUPERB! 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 361 pages, 28-31 December 2016 / On GoodReads

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