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Monday, October 31, 2016

Midnight Untamed (Midnight Breed #14.5) [Ettore & Bella] by Lara Adrian

A nice, low in angst, short novella. I LOVE the Midnight Breed world and so gettimg more is always nice. I was surprised that in this one there was a little bit more connection to the plot of the previous full novel. Usually these novellas are TOTALLY off the main plot line or rather the character in the main series. Near the end of the previous one we met Trygg a Breed male who escorted an Atlantean to safety, and hey! here he was in this one, and we got an idea about him and also got to meet his brother Scythe who sounds like a REALLY interesting guy! Who doesn't love a wounded hero, ha?

But I"m losing myself to the surrounding without mentioning the plot! 

So let's talk about the MC for a moment here - Ettore and Bella knew each other ten years ago, they were lovers but they were forced apart and so now when they meet in the estate Ettore is about to blow apart (literally!) they are both more than surprised! Vito Massioni is a Breed male who works for Opus Nostrum spreading narcotics that turn males into monsters. Ettore, working for the Order is tasked with eliminating him and his lieutenants. He didn't DREAM he would find the sweet innocent Bella entangled in the mix. Bella is there against her will, Vito is using her special breedmate ability and keeping her family hostage so now that the estate is in flames they have to rush to save her family before Vito's men kill them. 

Ettore and Bella loved each other back then and it's obvious nothing changed between them. It was sweet to read. There wasn't any angst between them. Bella understood why Ettore left her, what's important now is staying together. For Ettore it's somewhat the same, though he regretted leaving Bella behind he knows that he won't ever make the same mistake again. 

Sweet novella. Nice way to get to know a little bit of the Midnight Breed world. I really hope that in one of the next novellas we'll get either Trygg or Scythe :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 120 pages, 31 October 2016 / On GoodReads

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