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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Frosted by Katy Regnery

What a great, sweet story! Enjoyed it SO so much. Though this novella's timeline mostly lasts a whole day it was very easy to see a relationship building up somewhere even if it still needs time to evolve. What I'm trying to say, it never felt like "insta-love", it felt genuine and heart felt which is all I could have asked for. We have here a sort of "chance for love" for two people, who already loved and lost and know that giving this chance might not come easy when the blizzard is over. 

Grace was married to a VERY high class wealth man, they had a happy life together raising 4 kids, two from his first marriage and two of their own, but one thing they never actually had - romance. They were sort of best friends and because her life with him was so comfortable she truly didn't wish for more. Now 3 years after his death, their daughter believe it's time to move on, to find love for the first time and so she buys her 56 years old mother a weekend in a resort which hosts singles mixers. Grace feels embarrassed about the whole thing, but she IS lonely and so she agrees to go.. 

At the resort she doesn't find anyone of interest, not to mention she is so skeptical as it is, just saying her last name is enough for the greedy vultures start circling (which is why she uses her maiden name), and yet a surprise meeting with Tray the Ski shop owner makes her heart flutter for the first time in so many years. Luck has it she sprains her ankle while skiing and only Tray's appearance saves her from the coming blizzard. They hide together for the night in a nearby cabin and there a sort of promise is whispered. While Grace is unsure of her footings now that her husband is gone, Tray knows a woman worth keeping but it's up to her to decide what she is willing or unwilling to do to make herself truly happy. 

The story is mostly told from Grace's POV which was so sensitive and beautiful to read. She is in a difficult state in her life and while other might think she "has it all", she doesn't, and she longs for what Tray might offer and even if he doesn't, the fantasy of having even a romantic night with him appeals to her like nothing else has for a long long time. The last chapter is told from Tray;s POV which I really enjoyed, while we got to hear his voice and his opinion, getting inside his head and understanding how he saw Grace gave the right kind of closure to the story. 

I loved everything about this one. The second chance love, the maturity, the fact we DON'T have a sex scene (which would have been totally out of character for Grace anyway). It was tender and loving even though there is no "love" involved, there is just a promise for a future that MIGHT work out if only given a fair chance. It's a sort of a glimpse, not a "whole story" as we are used to in romance novels (it's not even a HFN truly), but I think it has much to offer, for all of us, no matter the age, for finding love, but not only that - for deciding our future and owning up to ourselves. 


Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 90 pages, 30 April 2016 / On GoodReads

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