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Thursday, April 7, 2016

All Lined Up (Rusk University #1) [Dallas & Carson] by Cora Carmack

Sweet and endearing :) A fun and easy read. Not angsty even though both MC had issues to deal with, I liked both of them, and enjoyed getting both of their POVs. I was glad they felt more mature than the ones in Cora's previous NA (YA) college series "Losing It", while I did really enjoyed them, THIS was what I was missing and yet I was missing something in this one as well, I wish it was a bit more complex or rather the was more emphasis on the issues the MCs had to deal with.  

Football is another sport (like Hockey) I know NOTHING about. They're a ball in it, I'm SURE, also it's not round. That's the extent of my knowledge.. and so it was a sort of refreshing change :) 

Dallas is the coach's daughter, always have been seems always will be and so everywhere she goes (and it changes with her father's position) she has to deal with this certain "part", frankly she doesn't even LIKE Football anymore.. especially not after her last boyfriend and the way things ended with them.. which is why she isn't thrilled about starting college with her father as the main coach and her ex as the star quarterback... She has her trusty best friend Stella and her love for dancing she DOESN'T want to get mixed with anything related to Football EVER again. 

The way Carson and Dallas meet at a random party in a totally unexpected situation doesn't leave a lot of time for questions. Carson admits to being new at Rusk, but doesn't mention the fact he is also on the Football team and it's obvious the LAST thing on Dallas' mind is introducing herself as coach Cole's daughter, besides everyone seems to know that before she even utters a word.. 

Things go well and yet nothing happens at all.. Though Carson is REALLY interested in Dallas he has his own issues to deal with this year and he doesn't need distractions. A girl is ALWAYS a distracting. While Dallas is a bit hurt by the "hot-cold" vibe she gets from Carson when he offers friendship she reluctantly accepts. It's obvious it doesn't stay JUST friendship for long.. but this is exactly what made their relationship REAL for me. They truly built a relationship starting from the basics of spending time together, talking about life, school. You know.. the usual, what mostly is being skipped in these sort of New Adult romance novels where the hormones seems to dictate the relationship "buildup". That's the place to note that if you are looking for a steamy novel - you won't get it here.. there is one sex scene which takes place close to the ending of the book. I gotta say, I didn't miss it. It was right for the both of them. Also it made it realistic considering who Dallas is, and the way she was brought up, also it showed how much respect Carson has for her. Unlike most guys we come across in this novel (and in most NA novels..). It was truly refreshing. 

There are some twists and turns for both Carson and Dallas to deal with but none was a real big issue. I think mostly they had to form a trusting relationship for all the pieces to fall together and Dallas needed to have more back bone concerning the things she wants in life and show her father she grew up while he was coaching.. 

It was an easy going and yet engaging novel. Yesterday I spend half a day in the garage while my car was being treated and so instead of going completely crazy I read half of this one, when I got home I was so wasted from the drive afterwards I decided to read some more.. and so a little after midnight I put this one aside with a sweet sigh. These days it's uncommon for me to find a whole day I can read, not to mention a book that captivates me enough. Yet I wish it was a bit more "complicated", the story was too sweet, the issues the characters dealt with where solves "on their own", it seems mostly they needed time not a real "resolve". 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 322 pages, 6 April 2016 / On GoodReads
Rusk University is a New Adult Series by Cora Carmack. The series focuses on the players in Rusk's Football team.

I really enjoyed the first two installments of the series. They are quite a light fun read even though the MC have their issues to deal with, they are not "dark" in any way, it's just life I guess and growing up. Cora's books always contain a lot of Laugh-Out-Loud moments and are easy-going. So if that's what you're into you're going to REALLY enjoy this series. 
I should say I didn't like the third installment and yet I CAN'T WAIT for the next two! 

1. All Lined Up [Dallas Cole & Carson McClain] (Published 13 May 2014) ★★★★
2. All Broke Down [Silas Moore & Dylan Brenner] (Published 28 October 2014) ★★★★½
3. All Played Out [Mateo Torres & Antonella "Nell" DeLuca] (Published 12 May 2015) ★★
4. All Closed Off [Stella Santos & Ryan Blake] (To Be Published ???)
5. Untitled [Isaiah Brookes & ???] (To Be Published ???)

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