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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Phonebook (Ryan & Scott, #2) by Amy Lane

There's very little to be said about a novella this short - it was funny and sweet, I liked the interaction between the two MC - Scott and Ryan. I didn't feel I was missing on something (them being a couple for the past two years) it was a sort of glimpse into their lives and relationship and there's even a sort of relationship progression. 

This short novella is part two (out of three), the first one telling of how they met was originally a part of the Anthology "Curious?: A Woman's Introduction to Gay Romance" I don't plan on reading (from the reviews I have a feeling most novellas won't appeal to me) so I had to get this one "from the middle" but truthfully, I don't feel as though I was missing out. The first part "Shirt" was eventually published on it's own so I could finally read it (granted, after reading part 2+3)

Ryan in on a business trip AGAIN, it's not that he enjoys it, and Scott definitely doesn't, especially since this time it's on Ryan's birthday. Yet Scott have his own plans of how to have a smexy and funny phone call with Ryan while he is away. I LOVED that, I really did, especially because it wasn't what I would have expected and the phonebook reference - brilliant! 

While the first half of this novella was from Ryan's POV the second is from Scott's POV which also gave a sort of "real feel" of the relationship. I liked that. I feel as though I got to know these two guys even from the very little I've read of them. I'm curious what part of their lives I"m going to be a part of on "Puppy, Car, and Snow" our final installment. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 35 pages, 27 March 2016 / On GoodReads

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