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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Super Sock Man (Johnnies 0.5) [Donnie & Alejandro] by Amy Lane

Sweet romance novella. I liked it but can't say I loved it. On the one hand it was SO DAMN SWEET, on the other hand, though I loved Donnie's childish innocence it was also a bit of a "turn off" for me. I could and couldn't see was Yandro found in him. 

We begin the story with Chelle (Donnie's sister) moving in with Alejandro as his roommate. Yandro is gay, yet in the three years they have been living together, Yandro only brings home guys for one night and expects them to leave if possible before he wakes up. Chelle sees the MAJOR crush her kid brother has on Yandro but when she finally sees interest from Yandro's side she warns him not to DARE hurt her sweet innocence brother. Yandro doesn't do more than one night stands but what Donnie has to offer, his vibrancy and colorful self is all Yandro can wish for. So when he returns home after a few days away while Donnie is house sitting and he finds him naked in his bed.. well.. Yandro can't help himself.. 

I liked the interaction between Donnie and Yandro. Mostly I liked Yandro (and I ADORE this nickname) the way he saw both Chelle and Donnie, and how much he yearned for an accepting family like they have made me crave even more for him to find a HEA with Donnie. Donnie was sweet beyond words, his crush on Yandro made him realize he was gay and when he acts on his desire with his best friend Chase their friendship also changes. Chase is going to be the MC in the next installment in the series (actually the first one in the series, this one being a prequel). I liked the effect he has on Yandro and enjoyed seeing him grow up, though he is still too much of a kid in my mind. 
  Also, totally irrelevant to this story, anyone else had a hard time getting out of his head Donny from "The Big Lebowski"? I kept hearing in my head lines from this AWESOME movie. I GOTTA re-watch it. "Shut the fuck up. Donny" I'm literally ROFLing here.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 89 pages, 11-18 February 2016 / On GoodReads

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