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Monday, December 28, 2015

Talker (Talker #1) by Amy Lane

I'm not sure what I expected this one to be, mostly I guess I expected to get Talker - Tate Walker's POV but the story is told from his best friend's view - Brian Cooper. Brian has been in love with Talker for most of the time they have been friends but he hasn't even realized that. Talker on the other hand loves Brian dearly but he isn't ready to believe that though Brian says he loves him it means more than just being his straight (!) best friend. 

Talker is a very colorful person, he talks non-stop about music, he  moves to the music in his head or in his earbuds, he is friendly and yet he is so very different most people keep their distance, it's not only the tattoos that cover half of his face and hand (a "full sleeve") it's the no-nonsense vibe of a punk. Yet Brian KNOWS Talker, and he knows that though he is all about the show, inside he just wants to be loved and cared for in a gentle sweet way. That's exactly what he is willing to offer, and yet Talker just doesn't BELIEVE Brian could want him. 

The story was sweet, touching and heart breaking. Talker is the kind of guy who puts himself out there which is exactly why he gets hurt. Brian envies that same ability but he knows the true meaning of it which is why he guards Talker as best as he can from himself and (when possible) others. 

My only complaint about this story is Brian. Though he is sweet and I got his struggle he felt somehow "slow". People call him stupid and I don't know if it's the naive personality of a guy who was home schooled by an artistic aunt or there is more to it. I sometimes had a hard time understanding his logic or the things he chose to say / not say.

The story ends with a happy for now feel that I guess considering their long friendship could be enough, at least for me. I truly believe I GOT a whole story even though it's a short novella. But we DO have two more installments :)  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 83 pages, 26-27 December 2015 / On GoodReads

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