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Friday, November 6, 2015

Unforgivable by Joanna Chambers

Truthfully, it's pointless to even attempt to write a review for this OUTSTANDING novel. It's one of THE best I've read this year. I enjoyed many books this year, some by authors I know and other by authors I WISH to know better, but this one, I don't know, just throw me completely. Even though I already knew I loved everything else I've read by Joanna it was still a surprise just how MUCH I enjoyed it. Especially with one issue it deals with that could have changed my review for the worst - it's no secret that the hero cheats on the heroine - repeatedly! But before you condemn this book because of this issue, or because you're not into HR, or some other reason - please, I ask of you - give it a shot. It's SO well written, it's IMPOSSIBLE to put down and it's so heart crushing it's impossible not to be sucked into this story without even wanting to return to life as we know it. 

You see what I mean? what is there more to say?

Yet, I WILL write a review, if only to give you an idea of what this one is about, and to remind myself in the future when I look at this beautiful cover and try to remember what it was all about and why I get the sudden feeling as though I want to hug the screen...

Rose Daveport isn't high society, she isn't especially rich.. and yet her father and her are living quite well from the money he makes in gambling.. After a successful night he proposes she meet Gil Truman, a wealthy highborn, and see if she finds him suitable to be her husband. When they first meet, Gil has no idea what's in store for him, he sees a very young ill looking girl (she was VERY sick up until that meeting), takes pity on her and so finds himself being especially nice to her. After she and her father leaves his father calls him to his study and explains the situation they are in.. Gil's father lost most of his fortune (estates) to Davenport and so the best "deal" would be for Gil to marry Rose and regain their property. Gil has no other option.. though he is in love with another woman and even planned on marrying her, he won't be able to support her after losing so much of their fortune and so he reluctantly accepts marrying Rose. Rose knows nothing of this, in her eyes, her father came of fortune and so he is able to give her hand to a high born such as Gil. She finds Gil perfectly charming and so even though the next short meetings with him before the wedding feel a bit different than that first meeting she goes ahead and marries him. 

Gil is repulsed by what he had to do. He hates Rose, the ugly sickly girl he was forced to marry and so he leaves her at a far away estate and returns to London hoping he can "forget" about her all together (forgetting means having affairs without even concealing it..). Rose is quite happy in the estate she lives in. Though she wanted more in life, more from her husband it seems he isn't interested in her, so she involves herself with the land around her. Each year she asks Gil if he would come for Christmas, hoping that one day something would change between them and yet he refuses every year. After 5 years (and hearing for herself he is unfaithful) she decided to go to London and confront him. Try and see if there is ANY possibility of them getting back together. Somehow what she had planned turns out VERY different from what happens. 

In these five years Rose changed a lot, her body changed from gaining her lost weight and also from natural maturing, so when Gil sees her he doesn't even recognize her. What should she do now? the decisions are somehow made even though Rose is in doubt the whole time. In a way it brings them closer together and yet it also breaks them apart. 

There's quite a lot of back and forth between these two, though they come to care for one another they are both very hurt and are somehow unable to forgive and forget what brought them together and the mistakes both made along the way. Also both are very closed and find it impossible to truly express what they are feeling.

I loved both MC. Even though I had my misgivings about Gil's behavior, I could get why a man of his rank would be more concerned with himself and so it felt reasonable that it would take him time to realize his faults and how he wronged Rose. Rose Rose was truly something else. I LOVED her. She was so composed. She phe played her part perfectly even when she felt as though she was breaking from the inside, it takes a very strong person to be able to handle everything that she did and come somehow on top, or at least not in the totally crushed. Yeah she was the one one thone chasing Gil, and yet she did that from such a natural need to be loved, to be cared for. S, I, I couldn't accuse her being needy and pushy. She was VERY young when they wed, and yet she was still very young and hopeful after those 5 years apart. I applaud her ability to try and fix her relationship even though it demanded so much of her on so many personal levels. She did the best she could. She was gentle and sweet, truly a flower in a world that there are mostly thorns.

The story is told from both Gil and Rose's POV and yet we get more of Rose than Gil which made perfectly sense to me. She had a more difficult "part" in the story, and she had more "growing up" to do, more difficult and new things to deal with (like the London high born society..).

I can't rave enough about this book. I know I CANNOT do it justice so all I can say is - grab it and read it. For me it's a MUST read to any romance lover. Yeah it's not "perfect" (meaning the mistakes both of them made) and yeah they are both very problematic in their inability to express their true feelings, and yet this is EXACTLY what makes this story perfect. What they both go through, well, mostly what Rose goes through is so heart shattering. My heart was clenching so many times for her. She was so young and naive and she had to endure so much horrible things needlessly. Yet she fought for happiness, for the right thing to do. I have so much respect for her.  

When I finished this book one of the first things I thought was - could there possibly be a sequel? I just can't accept Gil and Rose being left behind. I feel as though I need them still in my life, I'm not ready to let them go.   

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 300 pages, 4-5 November 2015 / On GoodReads

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