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Thursday, September 24, 2015

My Mate Jack (Heated Beat #1) [Will & Jack] by Garrett Leigh

A very angsty yet sweet short novella. I gotta say, up until now, every book I've read by Garrett was excellent this one being no different. She has a gift with describing intimacy and relationship buildup in SUCH a beautiful way it's always a joy to read. Considering the plot line and general idea behind this story, I can honestly say I would expect to not really like it / feel connected, but since it's Garrett, I wasn't really worried. 

Jack and Will are best friends and have been for most of their lives. Will knew he was gay from a young age, it was also obvious to him he is VERY attracted to his best friend. On two separate occasions Jack offers Will something he can't say no to, even though Jack's reasoning is lost on him.. Especially since Will is (obviously) Straight and what he asks for.. isn't.. 

After graduation both leave the neighboring houses they grew up in, each on his own different path. Will to study in college and Jack being a DJ in Ibiza (that's the part I was afraid I won't connect with, but it wasn't an issue AT ALL). Keeping in touch is hard and while they kinda manage it, whenever they meet they somehow screw it up. They keep their true feelings about each other to themselves, hardy admitting how much they mean to each other, how much they miss being together as best friends not to mention there is A LOT under the surface when it comes to their sexual attraction and need for one another.

As time goes by, more things get in the way of their friendship and so they need to FINALLY put the cards on the table and be honest with one another, trying to give each other a real chance. 

I loved both Will and Jack. Besides the Epilogue being from Jack's POV, the rest of the novella is from Will's POV but really, I didn't NEED to hear Jack's thoughts to understand the state he was in, and how much he needed Will yet was confused by his sexuality and if Will accept him as more than his best friend. Will on the other hand wanted his best friend for so long yet he was willing to put his attraction aside just to have his best friend however he could get him, he didn't understand that shutting up did nothing good to their relationship. This is a "coming of age" novella, and so, it's VERY angsty with both Will and Jake needing to grow up and mature to fully understand what they want and need from one another and what they are willing to do so they might have a "chance" with the one thing they want from one another and isn't sure will be reciprocated. 

Off to read the next installment!  

Note - At the moment there are two books in the series. I'm not sure if there will be more.. The Next installment "Lucky Man" is of Finn and Danny, Finn being Jack's roommate, also a singer in a band which is the connection between the two installment. While this one is a New Adult novel, the next one is more Contemporary Romance with a bit of a Suspense, both MC are older. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 105 pages, 24 September 2015 / On GoodReads

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