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Saturday, July 18, 2015

You Get Full Credit For Being Alive by Cari Z

A wonderful tender love story. I didn't know what to expect from this one, but what I got was PERFECTION. I'm really impressed by Cari, giving us a real relationship buildup in so few pages, and not only that but a story behind it, with side characters and even a bit of a mystery thrown in. 

Justin isn't a good guy. He used to be a hitman. But he is retired now. Living with his dog in a house in the woods. All he wants now is peace and quiet. So finding a body near his house while walking his dog is the LAST thing he had on his mind. Turns out the guy wasn't actually dead though he should have been with the injuries he had. He considered to save the guy the misery yet right that moment he looked at him and that was it. Justin took him into the hospital and though he PLANNED on leaving him there he did the exact opposite. Making two false identities to keep Shane safe. 

The whole situation at the hospital, just how invested Justin was with Shane. How much he tired to be there for him even when not really sure how was so beautiful. Blown my heart into bits. Then when Shane woke up and trouble followed, Justin just "abducted" him from the hospital (with Shane's consent!) and hid him in his house, taking care of him with the help of his long friend Margo (also bringing up the sad history of them which helped in getting to know Justin a bit better). The romance started building in that remote house, in such a subtle way. I was hooked but also half in love with the two of them falling in love and when finally the words were out, it was in such an insane situation in which Justin just did what he had to do to keep Shane safe even if it means Shane would hate him or be scared of him. 

The story ended beautifully. I couldn't have asked for more. Truly. Most of the story is the romantic buildup with Shane getting better and the chips falling into place with what actually went down. Only in the very last, maybe 10 percent? there are sexual situations. I actually liked that. It make the romance more believable (considering what Shane went through) and also it's a nice change, you know? too many books I'm reading centers on the sex and not the actual relationship before delving into mind blowing sex.. 

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I really have to try out more books by Cari!

This short novella is a part of "Don't Read in the Closet" bundle created for the "M/M Romance Group" in GoodReads. I already read 2 novellas in the "series". Basically once in a while, members of the group ask for certain ideas / concepts for a short story as well as a photo for their idea. Authors volunteer to take on the idea and bring it to life. it's really a cool idea an since all the novellas are free it's also a cool way of getting free reads that from great authors then checking out their actual work. These novellas can be downloaded through the book page on GoodReads (linked bellow). 
I also made an easy access convenient tag "M/M Romance Group @ GoodReads" for those. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 89 pages, 18 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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