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Friday, July 10, 2015

Christmas with Danny Fit by Amy Lane

The past couple of days have been a challenge for me. Let's not say they were horrible (some were, others I was just so damn tired!) So turns out it was a good idea adding so many short novellas to this month - I don't have the time to really read and when I do I'm just too tired to concentrate. This short novella was a great nightly read. I literally couldn't put it down! It was so damn sweet and precious I wanted to hug both MC and rush them to their Happily Ever After. If I didn't know before why I enjoy heart felt romance - now I do. It's about SOMEONE getting a HEA, finding happiness and joy in others even if they are imaginary. 

Kit is 30 years old. He might have a good job and the sweetest, most considerate (new) assistant EVER but he doesn't have a lot of other personal accomplishments. He is STILL living with his mean mother, STILL a virgin, and STILL very much in the closet. When he sees Jesse playing basketball he feel so inadequate so in order to make himself more "deserving", he moves out of his mother's house (literally in a weekend) and buys DVDs of "Danny Fit" a personal training program. He doesn't only get addicted to the exercise routine, he crushed all over the so very sexy (And fit!) Danny. Imaginary is better than trying in real life and being rejected (by Jesse). Yet as the friendship with Jesse becomes a bit more he realizes that the one he wants ISN'T the imaginary uber fit Danny, it's the guy sitting right next to him, he might not be perfect, but he is perfect for him. 

This whole novella is told from Kit's POV. I really enjoyed getting the glimpse into a character that is "flawed" and yet in the most usual (?) way. He isn't gorgeous, he isn't fit, he has extra weight, he is insecure and inexperienced and yet what he finds with Jesse and how much he wants to be there for him was the sweetest thing EVER! 

I have to say, that I was also quite inspired by Kit since I have to start packing my apartment! If he can do it in 3 days so can I! Well, I still have 3 weeks, which means I'll probably use them, packing little by little every day till I'm finished. But if I don't - if Kit can do it, so can I :) 

Yep, recommended especially if you need a sugary treat! (let's face it, we all do).

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 75 pages, 9 July 2015 / On GoodReads

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