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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Sartorialist by Cecilia Ryan

This is SO different from my usual reads. Even if I've read a few Historical Romance novels in the past, mostly MM. The way it was written, from George Beau Brummel POV as a sort of memoir of his past made is one of the reasons, but also just the way he described things and the importance he gave to the little impressions of life. 

I can't and won't do this short novella justice. I know I simply can't. It was funny and witty, and of a time I know nothing about (which usually means my ability to understand the nuances is much slimmer - not really in this case) but it was also sensitive, sweet and yeah, quite heart breaking.

Beau the Prince's Sartorialist (basically meaning a fashion dresser I guess) and Toby Sparks a war hero meet for the first time at one of the Prince Regent parties. It starts with the genius idea Beau has to make Toby more presentable with his fashionable skills to make the war more favorable. Bea doesn't give Toby the credit he SHOULD. He is much smarter and educated than he could guess, but that's the least of Beau's "problems". The more they spend time together, the simple affair they are having becomes much more than sex, the affection and care they each show one another was so very sweet, even both didn't really express the way they feel about one other. 

Yet shortly after Beau does express his deep feelings, the Prince gets jealous of the closeness between the two and sends Toby back to the war. From here start the (almost) demise of Beau, love sick and broken without Toby. I was a bit impatient with this part which wasn't long (and after all the whole novella is just 50 pages long..) and then the reunion came and I was beside myself with just how beautiful it was and how the story came to a close. I swear I was almost in tears. 

The cool thing about this short novella? besides Toby, the other characters are actually REAL from the early 1800s. It's explained in the last page of the book just what the interactions between those were. I totally take this story as it is, accepting this beautiful  love story and believing it happened just like that. No one can tell me I'm wrong :) 

As all Cecilia others novellas are - this is also HIGHLY recommended :) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 50 pages, 30 June 2015 / On GoodReads

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