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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Leo (A Sign of Love - Leo #1) [Leo & Evie] by Mia Sheridan

This is the first installment in the series as well as Mia's debut novel. I really enjoyed it though it did drag a bit for me which is kind of surprising considering this novel is less than 200 pages. I felt it took too long for the truth to be revealed and the interaction between them was strange at times (though it was mostly explained in the end). But let's start at the beginning..

Evie and Leo met for the first time at a foster home. Both being taken from their family due to neglect and abuse. Both feeling like discarded junk with no real parental figures around them they find compassion, warmth and strength in one another. They spend 5 years as close as they can to one another but their promise to always stay together is being strongly challenged when Leo is adopted at the age of 15. He still promises to keep in touch, even though he will be moving far away, he also vows to come back for her when she is 18 and they can legally be together. Yet promises aside and real life at the other.. After their first kiss on the roof top at the home she is currently staying in - Evie never hears from Leo again.. 

8 years have passed. Evie is on her own for quite a while now, having left her last foster family at the age of 18. Struggling to keep her head over the water but though she doesn't have enough money to study, she has enough to keep herself and show kindness to others. Even though she has so little and had practically nothing growing up, she is a sweet caring person who helps out all the people around her as much as she can. Giving her old neighbor left overs from her dinner, baking cookies to the neighbor from her last foster care home, driving in buses to reach him and just sit with him for a while and talk, She is truly a person to admire with the way she treats life even with how life treated her. 

The story begins with her KNOWING she is being followed. When she confronts her "offender" he introduces himself as a friend of Leo's, saying he was asked by him, when he was in the hospital after a horrible car accident (he didn't survive) to "seek her out" and see that she is okay. Evie is quite thrown by the admission. She tried not thinking about Leo for the past 8 years, he left her, betrayed her trust. Yet he is still the boy she loved and she rather not think about him and let loose everything she held up inside since he left her on that roof top. 

Jake isn't satisfied with just the confrontation and their little chat, he wants to get to know Evie and he courts her quite vigorously. Evie doesn't really get what he sees in her, she is this poor young woman and he is a sophisticated wealthy man. Yet when he tells her what he sees, what he saw when he was watching her it was truly beautiful. Jake is really sweet, yet there is this possessive side to him that I didn't really know how to handle, not to mention all he is hiding from Evie that even though felt obvious is some ways it still WAS strange when you don't know all he is hiding, I mean, I would think Evie would be more put out by his behavior. But on the other hand, she doesn't have any experience with guys so she might have thought he was just being "boyfriendy" in his own way. Naturally once you get everything that he is hiding from her,with all the odds pieces coming together it all makes sense. 

It was a nice sweet story of two kids going through hell yet somehow managing life and finding each other and falling in love all over again. It was sweet and yet sad at times. We got a few glimpses of Evie and Leo as kids growing up entwined with the present which was heart breaking. Beside my complaint about the story dragging a bit I might add that nearing the end I felt there were too many sex scenes.. yeah.. I know how I sound.. :] but well, I would rather have more PLOT than another sex scene preventing all the truths being revealed!!! and when we FINALLY get to the ending I was really happy with it. 

I WAS wondering with the obvious Happily Ever After what the second part, meaning second book in the series will be about and as it seems it's a retell from Leo's POV (this one being solely told from Evie's POV) which I'm really interested of reading. 

This isn't really a "series" since each book is either a stand alone (like "Archer's Voice") or a 2-parts story (like this one), each book/s inspired by an astrological sign - this one is by Leo. You can see all the books under this "series" under the tag "A Sign of Love".

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 191 pages, 10 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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