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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Enlightened (Enlightenment #3) by Joanna Chambers

Amazing conclusion to a beautiful love story. I couldn't be happier with this book or the entire series with how it progressed and the way it ended. Murdo and David are finally at peace with themselves, each other and as much as possible - the world around them. 

We finished the previous installment with Murdo and David heading to Laverock, the estate Murdo recently bought in Perthshire where David can recuperate from his broken leg. We start this installment 5 months later as David is getting better and their imminent breakup in on the line. At least as David sees it. When he is back to himself, he would be going back to Edinburgh, taking back the cases he left in the hand of Catherine Chalmers's husband - Donald Ferguson, now also a good friend. Murdo is reluctant to talk about what happens when David will getting back to himself, he keeps postponing the talk about the matter to a time when David is actually better.. 

In the meanwhile, there is much David can do in Laverock. He starts with mending the relations with Murdo's neighbors whom have been fighting with the previous owner on the land surrounding them. After that he joins Murdo in working on all the various businesses he owns. In short life is (almost) perfect. They spend their days together working, they spend their nights together as well with the clever way Murdo built the two main bedrooms open into a sitting room enabling them to share their bed without it being too obvious. 

As David is getting better and Murdo planning a trip to London he has been postponing for a while now, David realizes it's their time to say goodbye yet the the circumstances keeps them together for longer as David receives a letter from Donald saying Patrick Chalmers is dying and requesting his presence in Edinburgh. They travel together there and then continue on to London with Patrick's dying wish to help his daughter Elizabeth once again since it appears the abusive Sir Alasdair Kinnel is getting closer to finding her. 

London is where their relationship is truly tested when on meeting Murdo's father, David finds out the real reason Murdo came to London - to break his engagement (the one he made before they re-meet in the second installment), an engagement Murdo never even mentioned.. top this off with Elizabeth dire danger from her husband and there is a LOT of drama which Murdo solves all by himself in one swift motion that changes everything but not without some loses. It was brilliant and heart breaking at the same time, yet I can't complain of the end result.. :)

Murdo kept surprising me with how loving and caring he is. How much who we met in the first installment is a mask that I think most of the time HE didn't realize he was wearing. Only with David by his side is he truly happy and content. He realizes being with David has it's price and when push comes to shove he pays it all without looking back. Even though we got his POV only in the very short novella between the first and second installment, his intentions are always obvious from his action. While David struggles with his emotions and beliefs, Murdo is the one who is dropping his own past resolves one by one to be with David, he is the one that takes any chance to be with and hold unto David. Yeah, he is definitely my favorite of the two and in general one of my favorite male characters. 

In the novella between the first and second installment Murdo sees Ser William Lennox, who used to be David's "sweet heart" when they were teenagers. In that novella it doesn't seem Murdo realizes who he is.. yet he knows who he is now, and when they both meet him by Sir Alasdair Kinnel side, David finally has the option of confronting his friend from long ago but Murdo is caught totally of guard by David's reaction to their own confrontation on the matter.  

This book has been a true joy and impossible to put down. I kept reading and hoping for the best for them both, not knowing exactly how it could be possible with all the little things keeping them apart, even if some of them were in their heads and the fact they both still haven't confessed their true feeling for one another in the beginning of the book (meaning after living together for 5 months) as both felt it was all temporary and didn't know how to hold unto one another and if it is even possible. Yes, it was possible! and what a beautiful ride it was until the happily ever after. 

This series is HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended. I can't praise it enough. 
I'm going to miss Murdo and David yet couldn't have been happier when I finished the epilogue and closed my kindle. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 191 pages, 20 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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