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Monday, December 15, 2014

The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles #2) [Tyler & Memphis] by River Jaymes

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I remember when I started reading the previous one, I didn't like Tyler, well, no wonder! He dumps Alec "without a second thought". Yet as the story continue and we learn more about Tyler his reasons turn out to be different from what you'd expect and from that point I REALLY wanted to hear his story and see how he find his HEA. 

Nearing the ending of the previous one, Alec Ty and Noah talk about a fund raiser for Alec and Ty's clinic, I can't remember WHY Memphis who is a famous stuntman got elected as the best possibility for the commercial they have in mind (Noah had something to do with it FOR SURE). Tyler sounds very reluctant to go and speak with him though we don't really know why.. 

As this book begins, Memphis has already agreed on appearing in the commercial so the reason Tyler has for visiting him is totally different. When they meet for the first time after 10 years, Tyler doesn't know what to expect, neither from Memphis nor from himself. 10 years ago Memphis packed his staff and left without a word, changing his mobile phone and making himself unreachable for Tyler without him even knowing why, what brought this, is it something that he did? or didn't do? and finding out later on that Memphis got married to a WOMAN also didn't make things easier on him (he DID get recently divorced though..). Memphis was his whole world back then, helped him deal with a lot of shit when no one else was around and him leaving him devastated him. 

First thing Memphis does though, is hug Tyler with warmth. Though he had his reasons for leaving he missed Tyler and with the fund raiser he hoped he would have a chance to maybe get his friend back, even if it's not possible to re-kindle what they had back in college. Memphis is determined to make Tyler forgive him, he wants to confess the truth to him and finally somehow make it right. Though he doesn't regret his reasoning he does regret missing Tyler all those years and now is the right time to put everything where it SHOULD be. 

Tyler and Memphis together or rather side by side is sex waiting to happen but while Memphis is ALL FOR IT, Tyler is more reserved about it. He made enough mistakes in former relationships to be wary of jumping in bed with his ex. He actually made a promise to himself to NEVER do that again even if Memphis is driving the "Ice Man" (Tyler) bat shit crazy with his sexy smile, too sexy body and endless energy. 

It takes time before the truths begins to unravel. I guess some truths were quite easy to guess, but others not so much. Every secret, every reason, everything that happened in their relationship made Tyler into who he is today and all of it made Memphis live with regret in his heart.

Really enjoyed getting to know both Memphis and Tyler in the present as well as in the glimpses into the past that implies how much Tyler changed BECAUSE of what happened between the two of them 10 years ago. Memphis changed as well in a way, though some things remained - his constant movement and activity, but him becoming a stuntman has everything to do with saying "fuck you" to destiny and living life and mostly danger to it's fullest after surviving cancer. 

Highly Recommended as the first one is! I do think it's better you read the first one before this one as you might get confused with the characters that were introduced in the previous one (Alec, Dylan and Noah). Well, maybe confused is a harsh word as they don't appear so much but I do think that knowing who they are makes it easier. 

I feel kinda sad finishing this review as I KNOW it would take time before the next is published and I don't have anything else by River to read.. so even though I'm excited about the next books I have on my list, I feel reluctant to move on...

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 284 pages, 13-15 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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