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Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Chance Boyfriend (One Week Girlfriend Quartet #2) [Drew & Fable] by Monica Murphy

This one started as a great read, but somewhere around the middle I got a bit tired of both main characters so I'm not sure how to rate this one. I guess somewhere between 3.5 to 4 stars. 

Though the previous one ended with a note of hope - Drew leaving Fable yet leaving behind a note that says he loves her and wants to be with her, when Fable tries to reach out for him he doesn't respond. The plot line continues two months later with Fable getting a new job offer (which was kinda strange. Colin [her new boss] in general was really strange), it's a a waitressing job yet it's a better place with better payment and tips. Drew have been lost for the past two months yet he still somehow started working on himself, started going to therapy (I was really proud of him!) and trying to be more social but mostly trying to gather his courage to talk to Fable and bring her back to him. 

They meet kinda on accident in the restaurant where Fable now works and even though the beginning wasn't very promising - Fable is STILL mad at him and mostly hurt - they make it work out and start dating again. 

In this book we have both Fable's life problems as well as Drew's, unlike the previous book which was all about Drew dealing with his past. It was a good thing even though I can't really explain it but everything that has to do with Fable's mother and the way they were living with her, yet she was depending on them felt a bit "too much". I couldn't get why she stays, I thought that if she is there she might actually want them in a twisted kind of way. I don't know.. The mother felt off in too many levels.

While Drew is trying to deal with his past, his father calls to say that he wants to divorce Adele. Here starts the debate of telling his father the truth vs. not saying anything, trying to support his father's decision while not exposing himself. I thought his father sounded in a way "childish" and putting all his emotions on his son, the one who hates Adele, yeah, but is also someone he hasn't been in a very good relationship with, felt a bit odd. The shit hits the fan with Adele (which we actually have a chapter from HER POV) decides to fight for what she wants and things get a bit crazy there. 

Here starts my rant of why this book wasn't as good for me as the first one -

There was something very predictable with this book and where it was heading (beside's HEA ;)) it's not that I mind that much it's just I felt it somehow took too much to get there. While the previous book was a novella's length and half this one, it was to the point. This one dragged a bit for me, especially sex-wise or "obsession-wise" with the way they both see each other, have to have each other, are addicted to one another. I think the sex scenes could have been cut in half for being in a way redundant. There was also no need for us to know each and every time Fable is wearing something how HOT Drew think she is. It just felt OTT. One last thing I have to rant about - I get that both Fable and Drew never had a relationship before but considering they are both adults, and mostly suppose to be mature for their age, they acted kind of childish at times when it concerns the relationship but also in general. While in the previous installment I found Drew to be sweet and damaged in this book he just felt like a kid that needs to be taken care of. He lost his appeal somehow. He wasn't the tortured hero, he was a kid that doesn't know how to navigate his life and is scared shit of right about anything and everything. 

I liked the story in general, but both Drew and Fable weren't as appealing as they were in the first installment. Yeah this book was necessary for getting the full HEA yet I wish we would have gotten a more maturer version of both Drew and Fable. Not to mention there was something that felt off with all the adults in this story. Drew's father, Fable's mother, Colin who I still can't figure out (though it will change - the next installment is of him and Jen). 

I guess I'm kind of disappointed of how this installment turned out but at least we got the HEA and the series doesn't drag with both of them lost in their sorrows, AT LAST they have each other to turn to, they trust and depend on one another. I'm going to continue reading this series especially since (mostly) the rest of the books aren't of Drew and Fable who I feel totally got their full story being told.  

Somewhere between

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 320 pages, 8-9 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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