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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beyond Possession (Beyond #5.5) [Zan & Tatiana Stone] by Kit Rocha

This was good! really enjoyed it! I think I liked it even better for not being so much about the sex or maybe for not having so many sex scenes and actually being about the heroine and what she wants in / from life. 

Tatiana Stone had a good life growing up, well, others might think that as she was the daughter of the previous ruler of Section 4 before Dallas put him down. He was a ruthless tyrant and taking him out has been a good thing for the sector but not so good for her and her little sister. While she has nothing against the O'Kane's she is scared of lifting her head too high. Especially now that her sister is in a relationship with someone who opposes Dallas. It's even more complicated as she KNOWS that the guy who opposes the O'Kanes isn't really into her sister he just uses the "image" of the daughter of the previous ruler. She is scared shitless of what's going to happen but she isn't willing to bind herself to the O'Kanes and be a kept woman or side with a person she hates and endangers her sister. 

Add to the mix Zan, who has been frequenting Tatiana's store more than he should. He KNOWS that she won't let him in because she wants to be independent, and doesn't want a person to lean on so when Dallas' opponent does one act more that he should Zan takes his chance and tells Tatiana he wants her but is willing to accept what she is offering (even if it's less than what he wants).

Tatiana had a bad relationship in her past that thought her what she DOESN'T want. She wants to be submissive behind closed doors but outside, she wants to rule her own little world. She isn't sure Zan would appreciate that with all the rumors she heard of how the O'Kanes live but as she gives him a chance she sees what an incredible man he is! YUM on all accounts!

As I wrote above, I loved that it was more about Tatiana trying to be herself, independent, in charge of her life but also finding the balance of a partner than in was about the sex, having sex and too many unrealistic orgasms... 

This series IS getting better with each book. I'm not usually THAT into BDSM and/or Dystopian books. Here it somehow works for me, especially as the characters are getting more in depth, having more background. It's a really good change from the first books in the series that while being good with the unique world concept were kind of shallow - more about sex, sex scenes and male dominance than a real plot line. 

Recommended! (for anyone who READ the previous books in the series.. if not it would be too confusing so go ahead and start from the beginning :))

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 145 pages, 23-24 November 2014 / On GoodReads

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