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Friday, October 31, 2014

The Agent Next Door (Second Service #2) [John & Erin] by Adrienne Bell

Another sweet and action filled novella in the Second Service trilogy. We met John in the first novella as Alex's friend and a part of his Seal Team. After Alex finds his Happily Ever After John realizes he kinda wants the same. Not search for his true love as find some sort of peace. The first step is buying a house in a quite neighborhood and becoming more, well, domestic :)

His neighbor turns out to be A LOT more interesting then he could have guessed! His first encounter with Erin strikes his interest and not only because of her nosy best friend - Marianne which is one HELL of a character! I REALLY enjoyed her! She might be 82 years old but she as energy, spite and a sense of human too many people in the real world and in novels are MISSING! She was a pleasure to read!

Going back to Erin. She had a hard time growing up as the kid of a known gangster (and an accomplice mother who is still in jail) so when Erin sees John for the first time she IS attracted to him but she is worried especially because he isn't what she is looking for. She wants stability and calm, not aggression and muscles. Well, muscles John surely has! (which is, by the way, how Marianne calls him) but since John is doing more of a desk job at the moment it doesn't seem like his like of aggression should be a problem.

Well, it does.. as an angry gangster decides to make John pay for (accidentally) killing his wife on a raid. The best way he finds is hurt someone John cares about and I guess since he didn't have a lot of time, what he saw with Erin and John was a wild guess that SHE is the one HE loves so she is the one who should go down in flames.

As the flames consume Eric's house the action truly begins, as John does his best to shield Erin and capture their tormentor. Erin seems like the quiet mouse but she isn't she has a back bone she has to find in herself. She also has to find a way to deal with her problem with law enforcement who killed her father and imprisoned her mother as well as her past and the way she deals with life (meaning - stop hiding away)..

Erin is really sweet and John is definitely the strong capable YUMMY law enforcement who does his best to protect the woman he falls in love with. Though Marianne was a really good addition as a side character that brings more fun and games into gloomy situation I think this one was a bit slower for me in building than the previous one. I really enjoyed this one and surely recommend it, I just think that the previous one was better. I think I just love the main characters better there than in this one. 

What I loved in both this one and the previous one that Erin like Beth, wasn't the perfectly shaped woman. She has her curves and insecurities about it yet for both men - Alex and John they were hot and sexy the way they was and they still felt sheltered by the big strong man beside them. 

Off to read the last installment of Ty who was with Alex and John in the Seal Team. We briefly met him in this one as John's "go to" guy as John was to Alex in "The Wedding Trap".

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 154 pages, 28-30 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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