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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld #9) [Paris & Seinna] by Gena Showalter

ho, wow, firstly this book felt like a total compensation for the last one I hated :D 
Secondly this book was totally and absolutely a PLEASURE to read.
while the other one took me a week of struggle this one took me two days. first day I only stopped because I had to go out with a friend (don't you hate it when real life interrupts your fictional one? ;)) and the second day I literally did nothing but read and since this is the longest book in the series (little more than 500 pages) it means I did absolutely NOTHING but read. 

This being said I can go on and talk about the book :)

We met Sienna a while back when she seduced and captured Paris keeper of Promiscuity (while the Warriors were in Greece). Paris manages to escape after Sienna sleeps with him (thus giving him the means and power for it). As a sort of revenge (his thought at the time) he takes Sienna with him only to loose her on the way - when she got shot to death. Since that moment Paris - has been obsessed with her.

Not knowing what to do, how to bring her back, he even appeals to Cronus. Cronus being the ass that he is leaves Paris with a difficult decision  - save his brother Aeron or his sworn seductive enemy - Sienna. Paris chose Aeron. Cronus, having already saved Sienna's soul decides to leave her by his side for "future use", then when the opportunity comes he joins her with Aeron's (lost) demon Wrath (come to think about it, it means because of Sienna Aeron is saved twice - once from the total lack of control when his demon took over him and the second when Wrath is taken from him but leaving him the Immortal he was before being possessed). Cronus's plans to use Sienna against Galen keeper of Hope. But first he has to make her a cooperative which isn't an easy task.

For me this book has been about obsessions:
Paris and Sienna's obsession toward each other even if they don't really know each other.
Paris's own addictions - Ambrosia, Anger / violence and naturally sex.. 
Zacharel obsession with having the upper hand - bringing Sienna to the Angel's side (as he is commanded by Lysander) and since he has no feeling what so ever he can't understand Sienna's attraction to Paris and can't possibly see Paris being good to her.
Let's not forget Cronus here, his obsession with making Sienna a tool to be used in his favor.
Wait, we have another one! Galen - obsessed with Legion! Since the time she seduced him and bite him leaving him unfulfilled, angry and poisoned (by her bite). 

Basically we start with Sienna locked up by Cronus in Heaven (though not in the most welcoming part to say the least..) trying to figure out how to escape and reach Paris. 

At the same time - Paris, joined by Zacharel and William are looking for her. As you could imagine the three of them aren't very suited for each other but that just makes every interaction between them the fun that it is! 

"That's great, wonderful, but why am I here again?" William asked, scratching his head. He consumed the space at Paris's left, dressed for the runway rather than the front lines. Silk suit, no weapons. A bottle of conditioner in his pocket. Yeah. Conditioner. Again. For split ends. A little jaunt into hell had "damaged some of the precious strands," so he now carried his "necessary daily treatment" everywhere.

William whispered, "You're about to find out how your liver tastes, my friend."
"I have tasted it already," Zacharel said, his voice its usual monotone. [...] "It's a bit salty."
How the hell was a guy supposed to respond to that?
Apparently William didn't know, either, because he gaped at the angel. Then, "maybe if you added a little pepper?"
O-kay. It was official. William had an answer for everything.

Zacharel to William - "I enjoy your honesty, though I believe you suffer from what the humans call ADD."
"Oh, yeah. I definitely have attention deficient demon."

Paris and Sienna reunion is simply beautiful. The relationship forming between them is just so natural. They are truly meant for each other. They have been waiting for each other for so long and them getting to know one another when they finally meet is simply a joy to read. I think they are my favorite couple :) and they SO deserved how everything was concluded in the book. 

Cronus, being Cronus, tries to forcefully convince Sienna to help him out against Galen keeper of Hope. Her motivation is finding her sister Skye (being with the Hunters) but Cronus couldn't care less about her sister - all he wants is for her to collect tabs on Galen who is the person he believes will try to behead him (well, it's either him or Scarlet keeper of Nightmares - the All Seeing Eye drawn both possible ends). 

"If he asks you to kill for him, seduce him into bed instead," Cronus Said. "That will save you from having to do something unpleasant".
They certainly had different definitions for unpleasant! "You'd be better served demanding I bring you Galen's head in a magical box of starlight while riding on the back of a Pegasus through a rainbow, because he won't want me sexually. I've never been the type to attract a man's attention."
"Okay, there are two problems with your plan. Galen's a douche bag, and I suck in bed." Wait, that hadn't come right.

Sienna is having a difficult time deciding if she should stay with Paris or help out Cronus since what he shows her of the future freaks her out. Paris on the other hand doesn't really try to reason with himself about NOT keeping Sienna he may say or think he SHOULD leave her but there isn't a bone in his body who actually believes that.. 

While most of the book has it's mild action on the last 10% of the book all hell breaks loose (figuratively speaking) - I was left opened mouth at the mayhem but mostly at how beautifully it was all orchestrated and how it tied together the story and also did a massive plot promotion. I find that I can't write anything more about it since every word I'll say would be a spoiler so I'll just say that the global plot of the series started to drag a bit for me so I'm happy with how the book ended. 

As usual I'll move to the side stories / POVs in the book -

We have a fabulous "guest star" - Viola Goddess of the Afterlife and keeper of Narcissism. Paris turns to her with his quest to find Sienna and somehow she ends up with the Immortals being tossed around since no one can handle her constant blubber about herself.. She is kind of like a female William, in a way :) 
I hope we'll see more of her in the next book, sure she is HIGHLY annoying but every single encounter she has, it doesn't matter with whom is simply hilarious! 

We have two POV we didn't have before -

One being Cronus - he's an ass, but also not a very smart ass, or not as smart as he lets everyone believe.

The other is Galen. I must say that I'm liking Galen as the villain. I really hate it when the villains are total evil, when their character is totally lacking in any form of dimension. Sure Galen seeks world domination, sure he is a total douche bag, BUT he does have more sides to him, more to be said than his goals. I loved how he became obsessed with Legion how he wants her, wants to harm her but in the same time he really does want her in a romantic way even if he doesn't say it (and probably won't). I've read that Gena might consider writing a book about him. If that's the case it only proves that he is "human" or rather, as I said, he's not JUST a boring villain. 

Last but not least we have a little of Kane's POV which is naturally preparation for the next book about him. As mentioned in the previous book, Kane is in Hell, the warriors have their hands full and they don't really know where he is so he is struggling with what he was dished. 

I almost forgot we got a little chapter of Torin! It was a bit of a surprise what happened there, I don't know where it's going to go from there.. but anyway the book after Kane will be of Torin (well, we'll have to wait till November for that one..)

I wasn't sure how long this series is going to be and since I really wanted to know if Gena is planning to write a book about William I started digging up. as it seems Gena wants Camio's book to be the last one but before that we'll probably get more - William for sure (`~jumps up and down with joy~), but maybe other possessed Immortals/gods like the ones the warriors were suppose to look for in Gideon's book. 

As I mentioned before, Gena made a spin-of trilogy about the Angels called "Angels of the Dark". The first one was published shortly after this book - Wicked Nights - telling us the story of Zacharel. We read a lot about him in this book and I must say he really intrigues me and I'm looking forward to reading his book and the next two in the trilogy (the first and second were published, third one expected to be published in April and as it seems I won't get the chance to read them for months from now having my reading list flooded [trying to say - more than full])

WOW that was a LONG review but hell, a lot happened in this book and it have been such a pleasure I feel I'm still meshed into all that happened. 

I really want to add one last thing before I end this review - I've read these 9 books one-after-the-other having only read one contemporary novella in between. I do feel something like an overload or overdose of Paranormal Romance and well, Lords overdose BUT this is ONE HELL of a series. I love so many things about it. I HIGHLY recommend it. I know that some people would love certain lords while I loved others which only makes me appreciate the series more. I loved how the plot advanced in this one and how it changed and left us with more to look forward to in the next books.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 504 pages, 10-11 January 2014 / On GoodReads

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