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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Darkest Craving (Lords of the Underworld #10) [Kane & Josephina] by Gena Showalter

I can't believe I'm "here", finally finished all 10 books published in the series (including 3 short novellas). It certainly been a hell of a ride, a ride I loved, I admit I'm a bit overdosed with the Lords at the moment but I'm also really happy I was recommended to read this excellent series! 
I admit my "go to" Paranormal Romance includes Vampires as the main, well, paranormal :) this one has probably been the first long series that has nothing to do with vampires (besides the fact that William screwed a few of those ;))

This one has been quite different from the previous ones in a two main issues:

The first one - Kane Keeper of Disaster, poor thing, has the meanest demon of all the guys and unlike his brothers he wants out, he wants to get rid of the demon even if it means killing himself. This is the most important thing for him in the book. No matter how pissed off at their demons the others were, it was never like that, which makes this book quite sad. You feel sorry for Kane for so many things, for how he had to live his life until now, how his friends had to treat him during their time together considering he is just an accident waiting to happen. Though they love him and trust him, the demon seems always in the way, never really succumbing to Kane.

The second thing that is different in this book is the fact that most of it takes place in the land of the Fae  which have different kind of rules and behaviors.
Ever wished to go to a ball in the land of the Fae keep this in mind-
"The atmosphere was very... Victorian era meets The Hunger Games in Wonderland, with an R rating." (when you'll read the exact details of what they were wearing you'll get it..)

Similar to the last books, the plot is mainly of Kane and his HEA and far less about the other Lords though they all make an appearance at least once / twice). Besides Kane and Josephina we also have a "leading role" of William which is always great to have. I really can't wait for his book to arrive! In a way "he is what he is" but he is so much more layered than that. He is careless and free, does whatever he wants unless it has something to do with his friends - then he will do ANYTHING to help while acting nonchalance about it, or behaving as though he hasn't a care in the world, mostly not a care for them. We saw it pretty clearly in Paris's book but here as well it was pretty obvious. 

I feel like I'm all over the place with this review, don't know why I'm writing this review backwards.. lets get back to the main plot. 

In the two previous books we had a little about Kane - He heard he probably / might cause the Apocalypse and also he probably / might marry this woman or the other. This he heard from the (notorious) Moirai - 3 women who is said to be able to foretold the future. Kane doesn't know how to react to what they tell him but he feels sort of trapped by the fate they predict. and lets just say it doesn't work well with what happened to him on the previous book - He was tortured and molested in Hell by demons who worship his demon Disaster.

He comes back damaged, unable to erase the memories of what has been done to him, but even in this state he decided that even if he seeks his and his demon's death he would help the woman who saved him from Hell and brought him back to the human world - Josephina - the same woman who made a deal with him before she rescued him - his life for hers - if she saves him - he must kill her and end her suffering. Kane doesn't remember agreeing and even if he did he wouldn't carry such a penalty to this woman, he wants to save her from her torments even if she doesn't think it's possible. 

That's what happens when the Lords find Kane and thinks his wounds are the courtesy of our girl Josephina-
 "Yes, and I'm also your doom," Sabin snapped. 
"Please don't take this the wrong way," said the girl, "but that's got to be the lamest thing anyone's ever said to me, and Kane here has said some doozies. You're a magnificent warrior known throughout all the land for your strength and cunning. I know you can issue a better threat than that..
"There's a right way to take that?" Sabin snapped. "Guard the door", he said to Strider, "I'm going to tear her from limb to limb."
"No can do, boss. I'm calling dibs."
"Does that mean we're battling to the death?" she asked casually.
"Yes", both men replied in unison.
"Oh, well. Okay, then. Let's get started, shall we?"
Kane stiffened.
"Is she serious?" Sabin.
"No way." Strider.
"I am," she said. "I really am.

Josephina is the daughter to the leader of the land of the Fae. Unfortunately though she is Immortal she is only half Fae, her mother was Human. After her mother's death, her father decided to make her a "blood slave" meaning every time her sister - full Fae -makes an offence she bears the punishment for her. That without mentioning she lives like a servant directed to clean and serve like the other servants.  She also have half a brother (full Fae) who desires her, while she would have loved to have him as a close friend when they were younger his desires for her and his stubbornness to have her (implied against her will) makes him another enemy / someone she cannot trust. Basically she had enough, after been thrown to Hell she decided to end her life but since she can't do it on her own (her father projected his special Fae power making sure she cannot commit suicide) Kane was exactly the perfect guy to meet while escaping Hell.

When she sees Kane in Hell she feels like all her problems are solved and not just by any man, but by a celebrity since as it seems the Lords of the Underworld are famous in the land of the Fai - spies all around the world collect knowledge about them, writing them in books, meeting in special clubs each one dedicated to one of the warriors. How unfortunate for her Kane would not kill her, he brings her back to the land of the Fae to make sure she is safe and no one even harm her. 
In the land of the Fae it's quite obvious her father wouldn't be letting her go, but he IS willing to marry his other daughter to Kane - a daughter possessed by a demon and not just any demon - the demon of Irresponsibility - same one that the Moirai prophesied he would marry..

Josephina doesn't know how to handle her growing attraction and chemistry to Kane while knowing he is going to marry her sister, and he wants her, but unwilling to abandon his personal quest to vanquish the demon (and probably himself too). So how can Kane make sure Josephina is save for the rest of her life when he isn't there to protect her? good question.. 

Josephina to Kane-
"Well, you're definitely not the sweetest man."
"I never claimed to be."
"Because no one would have believed you!"
what a sweetheart, ha?
Their romance throughout the book is simply hear breaking, they are sweet, adorable, infuriating and willing to risk anything and everything for one another. 

Besides all these fun and games we have William with his kiddies - 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse (white being the other one the Moirai prophesied he'll marry). it's unknown if they are there to help William and Kane or trip them (Hell, even William isn't sure if he wants them alive or dead). But wherever William is it's hard to keep a straight face :)

Kane to William-
"How many women have you been with?"
"Countless. You?"
"Not so many I can't count them."
"That's because you lack skill."
"Maybe, but at least I can control my desires. Your lust is too strong and your willpower too weak to allow you to resist anyone with a pulse."
"Don't be ridiculous, I've been with plenty of people without a pulse. More than that, I say no to Gilly every day."

Josephina to Kane while William is enjoying himself as usual-  
"I refuse to answer any more of your questions. Let me go or I'll make you regret it before I slay you!"
"Did someone mention a lay? For the right price, I'm willing to make myself available."

"Lord Kane," the king acknowledged. "Before the proceedings begin, we must say how thrilled we were to meet your PMS."
Uh... "My what?"
"Your Personal Male Secretary" (yeah.. that's William all right! hehe)

Another gem is the fact that every Immortal Fae has a special power (or two), Josephina's powers are AWESOME! 

I felt so sorry for Kane for all that he's been through before he went to Hell and especially after it. There is a heart breaking moment when he goes to Legion and tells her he understands and if she wished to ever talk about what happened to her - he is available. On top of that to have Josephina and know what they have is temporary pending his probable death was a torture. I think this was the "heaviest" book emotionally, the most difficult coupling. Both don't think there is a place in the world for them that they could actually have or deserve a Happily Ever After. 

The little of sub-plot that we has is of Torin getting what Cronus promised him (sort of, you already know Cronus is an ass...) he gets a girl for 24 hours in turn of keeping the All-Key. As it seems Cronus might be dead but his promise/agreement still stands. 
Another small sub-plot is of Cameo - AT LAST her POV. It was nice hearing her out. She goes on her own adventure and I loved who she was accompanied with. BTW I'd love it if those two got together in her book :)

I find it hard to say goodbye to this series until November when Torin's book - The Darkest Touch - will be out! but well, I have SO MANY books to read I won't have time to wallow in tears ;)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 480 pages, 12-14 January 2014 / On GoodReads

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